Space-Key-feat | Lamborghini Releases First NFT With a Carbon Fiber ‘Space Key’

Lamborghini Releases First NFT With a Carbon Fiber ‘Space Key’

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When it comes to Lamborghini, you might think about a multi-billion dollar company that makes exotic cars for the wealthiest people in the world. Recently, the Italy-based car manufacturer has introduced its first collection of NFTs with carbon fiber keys to some still-undisclosed artworks. Let’s find out about the Lamborghini NFTs and the surrounding buzzing events.

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Lamborghini Joins the World of NFTs Representing Artworks 

The NFT world has attracted many participants that even an automaker like Lamborghini wants to step in. Yet, not everyone has a clue about the definition of NFT. So, what exactly is an NFT?


What Is an NFT Exactly?

LNFT00001-Suitcase-Open-FOE-Mod-body | Lamborghini Releases First NFT With a Carbon Fiber ‘Space Key’

If you are a pure car enthusiast and not a tech-savvy person, you might be unfamiliar with the term NFT. Standing for “Non-fungible Token,” an NFT is a non-replaceable asset exchanged on a digital platform. By non-replaceable, it means that an NFT is a one-of-a-kind entity that no other similar form of property can replace.

Because of its authenticity and scarcity, an NFT is usually valued at an astronomical price. Let’s take Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet as an example. The CEO’s tweet that simply said “just setting up my twttr” back in 2006 was sold for an amount of cryptocurrency equivalent to a staggering 2.9 million USD

Sounds crazy, right? Why purchase a tweet while you can read it for free. The NFTs have reached beyond people’s ownership of physical properties to some kind of virtual representation that no other tangible thing can replicate. For many people, an NFT is not just a digital asset but a piece of artwork, indicating their identity and a sense of aesthetics.


Lamborghini Sent Carbon Fiber to Space

LNFT00001-Back-flat-02-FOE-Mod-body | Lamborghini Releases First NFT With a Carbon Fiber ‘Space Key’

You might be wondering why an automobile manufacturer like Lamborghini would ever want to enter the NFT world. The Italian giant boldly claimed that innovation is a deep-rooted part of its DNA. As a world-leading company specializing in carbon fiber, they aim to push the long-established boundary of carbon fiber manufacturing to set sail for new horizons and join the metaverse of digital assets. As a result, they created a collection of Lamborghini NFTs.

The Carbon Fiber ‘Space Key’ is a collection of five pieces of 3D printed carbon fiber with a QR code on the back of each. As part of a joint project, Lamborghini launched carbon fiber to the International Space Station in 2019. After returning from space, the carbon fiber was added with QR codes and became the Space Keys. While we know that carbon fiber was used in a cooperative project, Lamborghini keeps the details of the project under wraps.


Exclusive Digital Artworks Accessible via QR Code 

LNFT00001-Suitcase-Closed-FOE-body | Lamborghini Releases First NFT With a Carbon Fiber ‘Space Key’

As mentioned above, at the heart of each Space Key is a piece of carbon fiber embedded with a QR code. Each QR code is linked to an exclusive digital artwork by the same artist. So, the Lamborghini NFT is actually the artwork accessible via QR code and not the piece of carbon fiber itself. Because there are only five units of these Space Keys, and each key comes with a unique piece of digital artwork, these NFTs are probably of sky-high value.  

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Full Details Not Disclosed - Stay Tuned for the Artwork

LNFT00001-Front-standing-detail-ambient-FOE-Mod-body | Lamborghini Releases First NFT With a Carbon Fiber ‘Space Key’

The NFTs will be sold through an auction. Since Lamborghini has long been associated with extravagance due to its production of the most expensive cars in the world, the price for each Lamborghini NFT will definitely be exorbitant. In addition, like any other NFT, the scarcity of the collection will drive up the price even more, and the fact that these NFTs were once in the space categorizes them as an exclusive class of items.

Apart from that, you might have to wait until further information about the space-themed Lamborghini NFTs, such as the date and time they will be auctioned, the auction house, or the artwork itself and its maker is revealed. Don’t be upset if you cannot wait for such an exciting disclosure. Further details will become available in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

The unveiling of the NFT details by Lamborghini might be one of the most anticipated events in the weeks to come. The Italian automaker’s engagement in the NFT world has genuinely marked the start of a new journey.

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