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Introducing New Primos Trigger Stick Apex

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Primos Hunting has recently launched the new Primos Trigger Stick Apex Carbon Fiber Tripod to help hunters become more proficient. With the help of a carbon fiber shooting tripod, every hunting session should be enjoyable. Let’s take a look at this newly released product.

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Get the First Look at the New Primos Trigger Stick Apex Carbon Fiber Tripod

Becoming a proficient hunter means you have to shoot accurately. It would be best to get into a proper shooting position to have an accurate shot. The better your shooting position, the more comfortable you are to minimize the wobble. However, what if you cannot find an ideal shooting position? That’s when a shooting tripod comes in handy.

A shooting tripod is a hunter’s accessory that allows a firm yet restful shooting position, resulting in a more precise shot. This accessory provides a steady platform to lean against when aiming. As a result, whether you’re shooting in uneven terrain or even on a rock, you have additional support to minimize wobble by resting on an object.


Carbon Fiber Leg Construction

 The Primos Trigger Stick Apex possesses a carbon fiber-coated aluminum leg construction to become one of the most lightweight tripods for hunting at 7 pounds. Therefore, hunters can reduce the weight they have to carry throughout the hunting session. But why carbon fiber coating and not full aluminum like on other ordinary shooting tripods? 

Carbon fiber is a top-notch material for high-intensity activity under extreme conditions like hunting. As mentioned above, this material is super lightweight, hence allowing good handling, which is vital in rough terrain. One more reason that makes carbon fiber excellent on a shooting tripod is that it is so strong that it allows massive load capacity and absolute toughness.  


High Load Capacity and Durability

 The Primos Trigger Stick Tripod’s carbon fiber legs can withstand up to 50 pounds of load capacity. Most full-size, bolt-action hunting rifles with scope, sling, and ammunition weigh more or less 9 pounds. It means you can mount every type of heavy hunting rifle on the tripod without fear of it collapsing even if you lean your body weight against it for a long time. 

And, remember that a reliable shooting tripod that serves you through the hunting season must be sturdy and durable. The robustness of the Primos Trigger Stick tripod does not only come from the material but also from its construction. The tripod will remain operational no matter how many times you adjust the legs to suit your shooting position or how much impact it absorbs.


Versatile Adjustability for Different Terrains 

 Besides giving you confidence thanks to its durability, the Primos Trigger Stick allows you to have a shot from all kinds of positions, from standing, kneeling, and sitting, due to its versatile adjustability. The legs can extend for a maximum height of 62 inches or fold at 28 inches with up to 45-degree rotation, resulting in extra maneuverability.

The carbon fiber legs of the Primos Trigger Stick can also be individually adjusted so that the hunter can position the tripod in a wide variety of terrains. In other words, even on rugged ground, the tripod can stand firmly with an outstanding balance. Furthermore, the Primos Trigger Stick saves time by allowing the hunter to deploy all three tripod legs with a single squeeze of the trigger.

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Removable Mounting Plate for Firearms and Binoculars

One last feature of this new Primos Trigger Stick is the removable mounting plate on the tripod’s top. The quick detach system on the mounting plate allows the hunter to switch between hunting rifles and binoculars. This adaptability eliminates the need for an additional tripod for binoculars, resulting in more mobility and less weight.

It is fair enough to say that the new Primos Trigger Stick is the best carbon fiber tripod for hunters looking for maximum stability with minimal weight. Primos Hunting has given the new shooting tripod a reasonable price tag at 500 USD and an estimated release time of summer 2022.  


If you have questions about the primos trigger stick or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more.

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