4-Things-You-Need-to-Know-About-TaylorMade’s-New-Carbon-Fiber-Drivers-feat | 4 Things You Need to Know About TaylorMade’s New Carbon Fiber Drivers

4 Things You Need to Know About TaylorMade’s New Carbon Fiber Drivers

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For the past 20 years, we have seen titanium as the number one material for golf clubs. However, we all know that every material has a limit. Recognizing the limit of titanium, TaylorMade reached out beyond the boundaries of titanium to find a superior quality component. Let’s find out what the new TaylorMade drivers offer the golf world.

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In This Article:

  1. TaylorMade’s Drivers Are Made of Carbon Fiber
  2. TaylorMade’s Drivers Are Covered With Nanotexture Technology
  3. TaylorMade’s Drivers Sound Bright and Powerful
  4. TaylorMade’s Drivers - Differences Between Each Model


4 Factors About New TaylorMade’s Drivers That Mark the Carbonwood Age

After many years in the making of the Stealth project, the American sports equipment company has announced a brand new Carbonwood production line that features four new drivers: Stealth, Stealth HD, Stealth Plus, and MyStealth Plus

In detail, TaylorMade’s new carbon fiber golf drivers employ an innovative weight distribution to improve launch and spin. While the buzz around the brand new drivers is still high, let’s find out how this driver family will bring about a whole era of carbon fiber golf clubs.


TaylorMade’s Drivers Are Made of Carbon Fiber

TaylorMade’s-Drivers-Are-Made-of-Carbon-Fiber-body | 4 Things You Need to Know About TaylorMade’s New Carbon Fiber Drivers

It all started in 2000 when TaylorMade realized titanium had taken the drivers’ performance to the limit and carbon fiber would be the future material. They afterward explored carbon fiber to optimize the face of a driver. And since the face is the ‘engine’ of a golf driver, carbon fiber allows better weight distribution to enhance performance.

Technically, a carbon fiber clubface can increase ball speed with a higher flight trajectory than titanium. Because carbon fiber is lighter and less dense than titanium, causing less resistance and more flexure, it allows more energy to transfer from the clubface to the ball at impact, resulting in faster and more consistent ball speed. 

This carbon fiber face, marketed as the ‘60X Carbon Twist Face’, combines 60 layers of carbon fiber that can withstand all the force produced by the impact. As a result, the driver has the same level of durability as titanium. 

Moreover, the Stealth’s face is only 26 grams, which is 40 percent lighter compared to a titanium face of the same size. And we all know that the lighter the clubface, the more efficient the impact and the faster the ball velocity. 


TaylorMade’s Drivers Are Covered With Nanotexture Technology

TaylorMade’s-Drivers-Are-Covered-With-Nanotexture-Technology-body | 4 Things You Need to Know About TaylorMade’s New Carbon Fiber Drivers

A smooth clubface surface means it is vulnerable to scratches and abrasions. Also, the face needs additional texture in wet conditions to create an optimal launch. On this account, a protective layer called nanotexture is made to cover the clubface. It doesn’t matter if you play under the sun or in the rain; the nanotexture cover allows better launch and spin in all conditions. 

The nanotexture technology also adds an extra layer for even higher durability. TaylorMade even claims that this nanotexture is the secret to the new Stealth drivers’ performance in real-world conditions. It is safe to say that this new golf driver can contend with titanium in the race for ultimate toughness without fear or favor.


TaylorMade’s Drivers Sound Bright and Powerful

TaylorMade’s-Drivers-Sound-Bright-and-Powerful-body | 4 Things You Need to Know About TaylorMade’s New Carbon Fiber Drivers

Keep in mind that this is not the first time that we’ve seen carbon fiber on a golf driver. Actually, some of us might still recall the infamous emergence of the carbon fiber drivers from Yonex and Callaway more than two decades ago. Unfortunately, they both ended up being discontinued because professional golfers had no liking for the soft and muted sound of the impact as the carbon face struck the ball.

Since every golfer loves an impact that is loud and powerful, TaylorMade decides to change how people will give ear to the Stealth. To resolve the problem with the acoustics, TaylorMade claims its engineers have fine-tuned the driver face to produce a sound that the company describes as “bright and powerful.” Rigorous testing also shows that golfers like the sound of the Stealth at least as much as the SIM2.

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TaylorMade’s Drivers - Differences Between Each Model

Differences-Between-Each-Model-body | 4 Things You Need to Know About TaylorMade’s New Carbon Fiber Drivers

The 60x Carbon Twist Face mentioned above allows the Stealth to save weight on the face and put more weight low and deep in the clubhead. This weight distribution adds 15 percent moment of inertia (MOI) compared to Stealth Plus. This is good because the higher the MOI, the more resistance to twisting the clubhead has, resulting in up to 300 more rounds per minute (RPM) of spin. 

On the other hand, the Stealth Plus is designed to be the lowest spinning driver among the Stealth drivers. It allows golfers to control the launch by utilizing the weight of the sole to create a desired ball flight trajectory. The Stealth HD has a similar back-spin performance while providing additional draw-bias, allowing a straighter ball flight for extra distance and better accuracy. 

Finally, opt for the MyStealth Plus if you wish to own a driver that uniquely reflects your personality. With the MyStealth Plus, you can personalize every part of the driver by selecting different face colors, body colors, and crown finish options.

TaylorMade will be committed to the Carbonwood line for many more years to come. All TaylorMade’s new Stealth drivers will be available for preorder from January and for retail on February 4, 2022. Remember that Stealth is just the beginning of an era. Yet, it’s already pushing the limits of distance, ball speed, and durability.

If you have questions about TaylorMade’s drivers or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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