Toyota GR Supra Body Kit Gets New Visually Loud Design by DarwinPRO Aerodynamics

Toyota GR Supra Body Kit Gets New Visually Loud Design by DarwinPRO Aerodynamics

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Are you a devoted fan of the Toyota GR Supra, marveling at its sleek design and powerful performance? 

Brace yourself, as DarwinPRO Aerodynamics has unveiled a game-changing upgrade for your beloved Supra. The latest carbon fiber body kit promises to transform your Supra into a genuine automotive masterpiece like never before!

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New Carbon Fiber Body Kit for Toyota GR Supra, Interior and Engine Untouched

Who is DarwinPRO Aerodynamics?

In automotive customization, one name stands out as a shining example of innovation and style: DarwinPRO Aerodynamics

Renowned for their expertise in designing, testing, and manufacturing upgrade body kits, DarwinPRO caters to a diverse range of premium cars, including: 

  • Mercedes
  • McLaren
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Tesla
  • And more

  • As a top-tier supercar body kit manufacturer and supplier, DarwinPRO is committed to transforming your exotic car into an elite machine that turns heads.

    With a dedication to customer service, DarwinPRO ensures its high-end auto parts bring new details to your car, elevating it to unmatched levels of aesthetics and performance. 

    The luxury auto parts offered by DarwinPRO are not just modifications but statements of individuality and craftsmanship. DarwinPRO provides peace of mind in every product they produce and sell, making them a trusted name in automotive customization.

    Design: A Stunning Visual Upgrade

    The latest offering from DarwinPRO is evidence of their commitment to breathtaking design – a carbon fiber body kit for the Toyota GR Supra that is nothing short of stunning. 

    This modified Supra transcends the ordinary, resembling the iconic Bumblebee from the Transformer series but with a distinct Supra identity.

    Rebuilt and repainted, DarwinPRO’s Toyota GR Supra boasts a more aggressive and intimidating appearance with its muscular, sharp, and edgy curves. The contrasting black and yellow colorwork adds a touch of sophistication, turning the Supra into a work of art. 

    The carbon fiber accessories included in the kit – hood, front lip, fenders, side skirts, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, front bumper canards, rear diffuser with an incorporated brake light kit, and door attachments – contribute to the Supra’s transformative look. 

    A set of ten-spoke alloy wheels, red brake calipers, and a mesmerizing paint job also complement this Supra for a more attention-grabbing look.


    Aerodynamics: Elevated With Carbon Fiber

    DarwinPRO understands that true automotive customization goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about enhancing performance. The modified Toyota GR Supra by DarwinPRO heavily emphasizes aerodynamics, a characteristic common to all their creations. 

    The body kit introduces additional air vents in the fenders, side skirts, and rear diffuser, strategically positioned to reduce drag at high speeds while optimizing engine cooling.

    However, the true magic lies in the lightweight nature of the carbon fiber accessories. 

    Carbon fiber is not only visually appealing but also significantly lighter than traditional materials. This weight reduction improves aerodynamics by reducing the vehicle’s overall mass. As air resistance decreases, the Supra gains an edge in speed and efficiency, delivering an exhilarating driving experience.

    The Interior and Engine Are Untouched

    While the exterior undergoes a radical transformation, DarwinPRO Aerodynamics has chosen to keep the interior and engine of the Toyota GR Supra untouched.

    The BMW B58 inline-six engine remains stock under the hood, providing the same powerful performance enthusiasts love about the Supra. 

    With its well-crafted design and ergonomic features, the cabin retains its original charm, ensuring a seamless blend of style and comfort.

    Toyota GR Supra specs (stock version):


    BMW B58 Inline-Six


    8-Speed Automatic


    2998 cc


    382 hp at 5800-6500 rpm


    368 lb-ft at 1800-5000 rpm

    0-60 mph Acceleration

    3.9 seconds

    Top Speed

    155 mph

    Interior Features

    Leather-trimmed seats, Infotainment system

    Pricing and Availability

    The pricing for the entire carbon fiber body kit from DarwinPRO Aerodynamics for the Toyota GR Supra has yet to be officially revealed. 

    However, the company’s official website suggests an estimated cost of around $8,700 to $10,000 before factoring in shipping and taxes. 

    These figures are based on the available parts listed on the website, showcasing the investment required to elevate your Supra to the next level of automotive excellence.

    Bottom Line

    DarwinPRO Aerodynamics continues to redefine automotive customization with its exceptional carbon fiber body kit for the Toyota GR Supra. 

    From breathtaking design to elevated aerodynamics, this modification represents a fusion of style and performance. While the exterior undergoes a metamorphosis, the untouched interior and engine ensure that the Supra’s essence remains intact. 

    As pricing details emerge, enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to transform their Supra into a true automotive masterpiece.

    If you have questions about the new body kit of the Toyota GR Supra or any details discussed here, contact us and learn more. 

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