Carbon Fiber Stealth Table
Carbon Fiber Stealth Table
Carbon Fiber Stealth Table
Carbon Fiber Stealth Table

Item #: SPEC8

Carbon Fiber Stealth Table

Sold Out/Discontinued

This item has been sold out or discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

The Stealth Table found its genesis in the idea of building the engineers bending moment diagram coupled with the aesthetics of Formula One racing.  Beyond this interest, it was also important that the design highlighted the enviable capacity of composite construction to allow for smooth and organic junctions between different elements, in this case, the transition between table top and legs.  The resulting simple form was thought not to dominate the magical visual quality of the carbon fiber itself.  The table surface is in fact not flat but fabricated with a 6mm positive camber.  The camber is in part lost to the dead load of the table but some remain to provide the table with a subtle & uncanny convexity.  The effect is a glint at the center of the table and a feeling of strength in the form.  The legs terminate with bright blue anodized aluminum feet.

  • Made with real carbon fiber
  • One-piece design giving a very organic and natural look
  • 12 seat capacity makes this table perfect for a dining table or corporate meetings
  • Designed by architect and furniture designer John Cherrey
  • Won a design award in the International Composite Design Competition
  • 80mm thick at belly and 6mm thick at edge
  • Pricing is $15,000 AUD, the price listed here is the approximate USD conversion

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