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5 Must-Have Carbon Fiber Apple Accessories

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Carbon fiber is a fantastic material that can be used to create the most use to the most incredible Apple Accessories. Have a look at these 5 must-have carbon fiber Apple accessories.

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In This Article:

  1. Lightning Fast Charge Cable
  2. Apple Watch Case
  3. AirPods Case
  4. iPhone Case
  5. Carbon Fiber & Leather Band


Stylish yet Useful Apple Accessories You Should Have

1. Lightning Fast Charge Cable

Carbon Fiber USB-C To Lightning Fast Charge Cable | 5 Must-Have Carbon Fiber Apple Accessories Made

According to a recent study, Americans spend an average screen time of 5.4 hours on their mobile phones daily. Meaning your phone batteries are going to be drained really fast. That’s why having one of these Apple gadgets - Carbon Fiber USB-C To Lightning Fast Charge Cable is absolutely essential. 

The plugs are composed of ionized aluminum and 100% carbon fiber. The internal cable is strengthened with ballistic aramid fibers for increased strength. The outer cable is composed of high-tensile braided ballistic fiber, which is durable and resistant to knotting. 

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2. Apple Watch Case

9-carbon-fiber-apple-watch-case-series-4-44mm | 5 Must-Have Carbon Fiber Apple Accessories Made

Some consider the Apple Watch to be a work of art. So it’s critical for you to have protective measures to keep that work of art safe. This carbon fiber Apple Watch case is composed of 100% twill weave carbon fiber, providing a high-end appearance for your high-end watch. Not only that, you won’t be able to tell the difference as it only weighs about a gram, thanks to the unique property of carbon fiber.


3. AirPods Case

1-moncarbone-hoverpod-carbon-fiber-leather-airpod-case | 5 Must-Have Carbon Fiber Apple Accessories Made

Many people don’t pay much attention to the charging case, but it’s also vital for you to protect it as it keeps your Airpod safe and charged. With the CarboShield, you won’t have to worry about damaging your charging case if you drop or leaving them with your keys inside the pocket while you walk. 

The case is made from 100% carbon fiber, making it extremely durable and lightweight. The twill carbon fiber gives it a unique pattern with a smooth, high-gloss clear coat, making the case visually pop. Check it out right here:

If you want something a little more classic, you can go with the NAPA leather, which gives you more grip and fraction, making it resistant to slipping. 

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4. iPhone Case

CarboKev 100% Aramid Fiber Case for iPhone 12 Pro | 5 Must-Have Carbon Fiber Apple Accessories Made

An iPhone case does not simply protect your phone, but it also expresses your style depending on its designs and patterns. The carbon fiber case for the iPhone will do just that, with the slick pattern. The protective shell is constructed of TPU and has molded-in grips around the edge that also function as shock absorbers. While the design is protective, it does so without adding unnecessary mass, allowing everything to remain compact. 

In addition, it also has a small lip that raises above the screen, so even when you set your phone face down, it still would be sitting on the case. The case allows you to access all ports, speakers, and the camera without having to remove the case. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with wireless charging. 


Carbon fiber isn’t the only material used to make phone cases; there is also forged carbon fiber and aramid fiber, an advanced composite material in the same family as carbon fiber. Check them out the Apple accessories here:


5. Carbon Fiber & Leather Band

CarboBand Carbon Fiber & Leather Band for Apple Watch 42mm _ 44mm | 5 Must-Have Carbon Fiber Apple Accessories Made

Last on the Apple accessories list is the CarboBand Carbon Fiber & Leather Band for Apple Watch 42mm / 44mm, which pair exceptionally well with your carbon fiber Apple watch case. 

Carbon fiber is often a stiff material, making it unsuitable for use as a watch band. The CarboBand is made of a unique carbon fiber that has been injected with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to keep it flexible. And the buckle and tongue are made with a semi-gloss carbon fiber which has a great visual look but still retains its durability and resistance to most scratching. 

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