High-end Argonaut RM3 Custom Carbon Fiber Road Bike Ready to Topple Competitors

High-end Argonaut RM3 Custom Carbon Fiber Road Bike Ready to Topple Competitors

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Is it possible for a cyclist to feel emotionally attached to a bike? Argonaut has recently released a carbon fiber road bike that is up to customization for almost every component possible. But is it good enough to compete directly with other brands in weight and aerodynamics? Find out if this Argonaut RM3 is your cup of tea.


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Argonaut RM3 Carbon: Lighter, Stiffer, and Excellent Ride 

Argonaut: Bicycle Lovers and Innovators

Argonaut is a high-end custom bike builder based in Bend, Oregon. It was founded by Ben Farver in 2007 and specializes in building carbon fiber road and track bikes. 

Argonaut’s bikes are renowned for their rigidity, low weight, and aerodynamic design. The company manufactures the frames using cutting-edge manufacturing processes, including 3D and CNC technology. Argonaut also provides various options for personalization, such as color schemes and component selections. It has a reputation for making some of the most fantastic custom carbon fiber bikes and serves clients worldwide.


Impeccable Ride Quality and Comfort 

The Argonaut RM3 is a high-end custom carbon fiber road bike. Because of its innovative construction and design, it is renowned for its superb ride quality. The bicycle’s carbon fiber frame is rigid but compliant, offering a comfortable and practical ride.

The Argonaut RM3 also has a unique geometry intended to offer a smooth and secure ride while also being able to withstand fast speeds and tight turns. In addition, the bike’s low bottom angle keeps the rider in an upright position and reduces fatigue.

The RM3’s design also emphasizes aerodynamics, which lowers wind resistance and increases speed. For example, the fork legs are highly aerodynamic, and the bike’s tubing is curved to reduce drag. Furthermore, the RM3 has precise handling, allowing for a predictable ride that makes it simple to maneuver through tight turns and slopes.

For these reasons, the Argonaut RM3 is one of the best road bikes available, offering comfortable, effective, and accurate riding.


Carbon Fiber Modular Monocoque Frame

The Argonaut RM3 has a complete carbon fiber monocoque structure, in which the frame is built from a single piece of carbon fiber. By using this construction technique, the frame may be made lighter and more rigid than it would otherwise be.

In contrast to conventional frame-building techniques, a monocoque frame is made of a single solid component molded into the appropriate shape. Monocoque frames are created by stacking carbon fiber sheets in a mold and curing them at extreme temperatures and pressures. The fibers can then join together to form a single, sturdy component. 

The monocoque frame of the Argonaut RM3 is constructed with rigidity and aerodynamics in mind. The frame’s construction prioritizes increasing top speed. The fork legs are aerodynamic, while the bike’s tubing is curved to reduce drag. Thus, the structure can manage high velocity and tight curves while offering a comfortable ride.


Extraordinary Level of Customization

The Argonaut RM3 offers a wide range of customization options to its customers. Here are a few examples of how you can customize the bike:


The frame geometry of the RM3 may be modified to suit the rider’s physique and riding preferences. You can select from various standard geometries offered by Argonaut or work with the company’s experts to design a bespoke geometry suited to your needs.


The frame of the RM3 can be painted in a broad range of colors and patterns. In addition to various basic paint options, Argonaut also provides the opportunity to engage with the company’s paint department to design a bespoke color scheme just for your bike.

Component Selection

The RM3 uses many parts, such as various groupsets, wheels, and accessories. Working with Argonaut will allow you to choose the pieces that best fit your riding style and price range.


Power meters, GPS devices, and other accessories may all be combined with the RM3 to create various electronic systems. You can also collaborate with Argonaut to ensure all their technological components are incorporated into the bike.

3D Printing

Some of the pieces Argonaut has made for the RM3 using 3D technology are custom dropouts and cable guides. The company may also produce customized components for each customer’s requirements and preferences.

Overall, diverse customization choices are available for the RM3, allowing you to design a bike suited to your unique requirements and tastes.


Argonaut RM3 Technical Specifications

Frame Features

Custom paint

Handmade carbon fiber stem

Threaded bottom bracket

Fully-internal cable routing

Carbon fiber modular monocoque 


7.13 kg(15.72 lb) without accessories


$6,500 (frameset only, stock geometry)

$14,600 (maximum component selection)


Perfect ride comfort

Extremely dynamic feel

Tuned handling

Good tire clearance

Various component choices 

Adequate lightness

Attractive appearance

A wide range of stock sizes


Internal instead of hidden control line routing

There may be better choices than the Argonaut RM3 for those who want an ultra-lightweight with excellent aerodynamic quality. However, Argonaut offers riders something else - a more physical and sentimental connection with the bike - as it owns an impeccable ergonomic design, superb ride quality, and numerous selections for customization. 


If you have questions about the Argonaut RM3 or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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