New Upgraded Ford Ranger with a Wild Carbon Fiber Body Kit From Motion R Design

New Upgraded Ford Ranger with a Wild Carbon Fiber Body Kit From Motion R Design

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The Ford Ranger is a beast of a truck, popular both for its workhorse attitude and its potential for wicked customization. Now, if you crave that high-tech, super-sporty look, a new carbon fiber body kit offers a bold way to level up your Ranger.

Carbon fiber isn't just about fancy looks. This stuff is crazy lightweight yet incredibly strong, making it a prime material for everything from race cars to high-end bikes.

The Body Kit Breakdown

This kit completely overhauls the Ford Ranger's look, giving it a whole new personality. Let's dive into the details and see how Motion R Design pulls off this transformation.

Bold Front End

The Ranger's usually friendly face gets a serious attitude adjustment. A two-piece front splitter adds visual muscle and helps manage airflow under the truck, which is good for both looks and high-speed stability. Carbon fiber honeycomb accents in the grille make it clear – this truck means business.

Widened Stance

Those flared fender extensions aren't just for show. They add real width to the Ranger's stance, making it look planted and ready for action. They also create space for those stunning 20-inch wheels, featuring eye-catching carbon fiber details. But don't worry about getting in and out – optional side steps provide a convenient boost while blending seamlessly with the kit's design.

Adventure-Ready Rear

The upgrades don't stop at the front. An optional roof-mounted light bar is perfect for illuminating the trail ahead, adding a rugged touch to the Ranger's look. And for a final sporty touch, a sleek roof spoiler improves aerodynamics and gives the truck's profile a more dynamic look.

What’s left for these are custom carbon fiber license plate frames for a more complete look.

Stepping Inside

The upgrades don't stop on the outside! Open the door, and you'll find carbon fiber everywhere. It's on the steering wheel, giving you a race-ready feel every time you take the helm. The dashboard gets carbon fiber accents too, adding a high-tech look to the Ranger's command center. Even the door panels get the treatment, making the entire cabin feel extra special.

Seats Fit for a Champion

Forget those basic seats! This kit includes a major upgrade with fancy leather upholstery. It feels soft, looks amazing, and adds a serious dose of luxury. As a bonus, those seats feature the Motion R logo, reminding you and your passengers that this Ranger isn't like all the others.

Performance and Practicality

This kit is mostly about making your Ranger look awesome rather than having overall performance benefits. But there are practical benefits too! 

Carbon fiber is super lightweight, so replacing some of those heavy steel parts shaves off a few pounds. This might translate into slightly better fuel economy and make your truck feel a bit more agile.

Motion R Design customizes the top-of-the-line Ford Ranger Wildtrak model, which already comes packed with features. Expect to pay around $45,000 for the loaded truck itself. 

The carbon fiber kit is a serious investment, so be prepared to add a significant amount to that initial price. But consider this: a similarly equipped luxury truck from brands like Mercedes or BMW would start a lot higher, even without all that custom carbon fiber!

And for those who need their Ranger to work hard and play hard, Motion R offers optional bed storage solutions. Keep your tools and gear organized and protected, maximizing the Ranger's usefulness while still enjoying that customized style.

The Tuner and Availability

This wild transformation comes from the UK-based specialists at Motion R Design. They have a reputation for crafting top-notch body kits and interior upgrades. If this kit has you revved up, check with your Ford dealer or look online to see about ordering options.

The Ford Ranger already makes a statement, but this carbon fiber kit cranks the volume to eleven. If you're the kind of truck owner who loves to stand out, this upgrade could be the perfect way to make your Ranger truly your own.

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