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4 Benefits Of Getting A Carbon Fiber Case For Your iPhone 12

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I know you came for our awesome blog post, but we have to let you in on something. Our main business is a shop that sells a ton of unique and cool lifestyle and personal accessories made with REAL carbon fiber.

If you love carbon fiber as much as we do, go explore!

If you have an iPhone 12, it’s best to protect it with a carbon fiber case. At Carbon Fiber Gear, we’re offering two iPhone 12 case styles - CarboFend and CarboKev. Let’s get into details in the following article.

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A Carbon Fiber iPhone 12 Case

Carbon Fiber iPhone 12 Case | CarboFend vs. CarboKev 

Protection & Ultra Lightweight

CarboFend case from size angle and back angle | 4 Benefits Of Getting A Carbon Fiber Case For Your iPhone 12

iPhone 12 is an everyday carry item for many people, and we all want to protect it in any situation. 

Made with a protective TPU shell with built-in shock absorbers and sprayed with a UV-protecting clearcoat, CarboFend cases are your ultimate protector. If you also pay attention to the aesthetics aspect, CarboKev is the perfect choice with its scratch protection property.

While the construction is protective, it does so without adding much bulk, keeping the case ultra-light and super slim. 

Did you know? TPU (or Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) is made up of plastic, elastic, and rubber. In a fierce collision, the TPU case can protect your phone from any damage. TPU cases are now considered the best case in terms of protection.

Stylish Appearance 

The back of the CarboFend series has an inlay of genuine twill weave carbon fiber with a high-gloss, luxury finish. Some in the CarboFend series for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max come with an inlay of Forged Carbon, the same material found on Lamborghini cars. Each case is unique because of the marbled pattern created during the production. 

CarboKev cases can be a remarkable upgrade with the stealthy-looking matte finish if you opt for a minimalist look. These are more than protection. They are fashion apparel that transforms the look of your iPhone 12.

Smart Design

CarboKev case at the back view for iphone 12 | 4 Benefits Of Getting A Carbon Fiber Case For Your iPhone 12

CarboFend cases are designed with a small lip raised above the screen. If you were to set your phone face down, it would be sitting on the raised lip, not the screen, which protects your screen from any possible damage. 

While CarboKev does not have a lip over the screen (we recommend you have a screen protector), a slightly tacky feel of aramid fiber helps much in reducing slippage.

Both styles give you access to all ports, speakers, and cameras, so there’s no need to pluck off your case. 

Anti-Signal Blocking

While a carbon fiber iPhone 12 case offers many benefits, it has a downside, too. A full carbon fiber case can act as an electromagnetic shield, blocking radio signals instead of allowing them to pass through your device. This is not a desirable feature for iPhone 12 cases, which should be compatible with wireless charging. 

The CarboKev series of cases are made from 100% aramid fiber. Unlike a full carbon fiber case, an aramid fiber case is non-conductive and won’t block your phone’s signal - your phone will be 100% compatible with wireless charging.  

CarboFend cases also support wireless charging.

Did you know? Aramid fiber is the same material used in KEVLAR®. Despite being an alternative to carbon fiber, aramid fiber has an identical appearance. 

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Product Details

1. CarboKev 100% Aramid Fiber Case for iPhone 12 

  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 12. 
  • Weight: 10 grams (0.36 oz)
  • Wireless charging 
  • Collection: CarboKev 100% Aramid Fiber Case for iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max 

2. CarboFend Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 12 

  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 12
  • Weight: 33 grams (1.17 oz)
  • Wireless charging 
  • Collection: CarboFend Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Generally speaking, CarboFend is more protective, whereas CarboKev is well-known for its minimalist appearance. Regardless of which brand you choose, they are all meant to protect your phone in style.

Which brand would you choose for your iPhone 12 case, CarboFend or CarboKev? Visit our store and pick your favorites!