The New Electric Surfboard Kinetic Option TKO 001 Can Go as Fast as 34 Mph

The New Electric Surfboard Kinetic Option TKO 001 Can Go as Fast as 34 Mph

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So you’re crazy about surfing, but the best body of water you can get to isn’t very windy, and, as a result, it doesn’t have the perfect waves for surfing.

What if I tell you that you can still go surfing without the waves? A motorized surfboard can make it possible.

Read on to discover how you can create your own waves to make surfing easier. 

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Kinetic Option TKO 001: No Wind, No Wave, No Problem

Kinetic Option: A Wave Creator Who Redefines Surfing

If you’ve never heard of Kinetic Option, this is a Singaporean startup company that designs, manufactures, and promotes electric surfboards made from carbon fiber.

As a newly established brand, there’s not much information about Kinetic Option. However, judging by the photos and videos on their social media, we can tell that this group of young entrepreneurs and engineers is passionate about surfing.

Electric surfboarding is becoming more popular, with new brands like Awake or Radinn emerging every month. Kinetic Option has decided to join the competition in making equipment and inventing a new sport.

What’s unique about Kinetic Option is that they’re not just another brand that manufactures “wave-creating” surfboards. Instead, they aim to “redefine” surfing by using alternative materials. 

Carbon fiber is their solution. It’s strong, lightweight, and durable, ideal for water sports since amateur players and professional athletes want to shed as much weight as possible off their equipment for a more maneuverable ride.

And the result is the Kinetic Option “Type-001” - TKO 001 - that is set to be launched and disrupt the water sports industry.


TKO 001: The Inaugural Model Made From Carbon Fiber

Although there will be more waiting until we can get our hands on the debut surfboard, the Kinetic Option TKO 001 has attracted considerable attention due to its minimalistic design and all-dark-gray colorway.

The first-generation TKO model, at 5.9 feet in length, uses a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 45 minutes of riding time on one charge. Trust me, 45 minutes of usage may sound too short and not worth it, but this is the best duration you can get for a jet surfboard. And did we mention that the battery is exchangeable? So yes, pause the ride for a moment to get the battery swapped, and you’re up for riding again.

Regarding safety, the Kinetic Option TKO 001 also has a snowboard-like foot-binding system that enables the rider to stand securely on the board when riding at high speed or making an aggressive turn. 

But what if you still fall down the waves if the ride gets too bumpy? A body-worn strap fastened to your waist will keep the board close to you, allowing you to resume the venture as fast as possible.


Carbon Fiber Body Allows for a Quick Speed of Up to 34 Mph. 

The use of carbon fiber is the most significant impact on the performance of the Kinetic Option TKO 001. This carbon fiber design is what the brand describes as “intricately simple.” 

Yes, the appearance of the carbon fiber surfboard may look somewhat overly simple without the black-white contrastive elements typical in other brands. For example, look at TKO 001’s competitor - the Awake RÄVIK S 22. It looks sporty, aggressive, and dynamic, with a glossy finish and a highly contrastive colorway. 

Nonetheless, Kinetic Option believes that the beauty of a surfboard is in the “subtle curves” and not the flashy colors or the sharp edges of the design. 

Moreover, the omnipresent use of carbon fiber makes the TKO 001 so light that it’s virtually half the weight of any regular surfboard. Can you believe that? While the Awake RÄVIK S 22 weighs up to 43 kg (95 lbs), the TKO 001 is only under 18 kg (40 lbs).

This massive weight reduction allows the rider to reach up to 34 mph maximum speed. So whether you’re a novice surfer or a pro, Kinetic Option’s new surfboard is always up to create the sharpest turns possible. Did you say you want to jump on the waves with the board? Nothing is impossible with TKO 001.

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Excellent Maneuverability With a Wireless Remote Control

Another feature of the TKO 001 that’s worth its 12-grand price tag is the wireless connectivity using a waterproof remote control

This included device gives you information about the surfboard’s speed and remaining battery life. So, operating a highly powerful electric surfboard is never easier when everything is in your hands.


Kinetic Option TKO 001 Full Technical Specifications


18,000 SGD (12,585 USD)


5.9 ft (179 cm)



Claimed Battery Life:

45 minutes 

Claimed Weight:

18 kg (40 lbs) without the battery

Claimed Maximum Speed

34 mph (55 kph)

Other Technical Features

Remote control/safety body-worn strap/ foot-binding system

Estimated Launch Time

October 2022



Venture beyond the shoreline and discover the unknown bodies of water with the Kinetic Option TKO 001. Every mile feels closer, and the once-tiring voyage becomes delightful when your surfboard can create its own waves. 


If you have questions about the Kinetic Option TKO 001 or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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