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Litespeed Racing Introduces Lightest Carbon Fiber Wheels on the Market

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Litespeed Racing has recently introduced its new total carbon fiber wheels, the Carbon-One, at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. The California-based car accessories manufacturers claim that they use over 15 years of experience to create the world’s lightest total carbon fiber wheel for the Porsche 911. 

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Litespeed Racing Rolls Out the Lightest 20-inch Carbon Fiber Wheels in the World

Since its establishment in 2006, Litespeed Racing has been focusing on creating ultra-lightweight performance accessories that not only look fantastic but also improve your vehicle’s performance. The Carbon-One carbon fiber wheels have all the qualities to be present in the fastest cars in the world. 

Weighing at a Feather-light 14.2 Pounds to Be the Lightest Carbon Fiber Wheels 

To produce lightweight wheels for better performance, the manufacturers must use the lightest material available. Carbon fiber is among the best materials for making ultra-lightweight racing wheels, apart from forged magnesium.

Carbon-One is the lightest carbon fiber wheel on the market at only 14.2 pounds for the 20-inch version, saving a significant amount of unsprung weight. You reduce the weight that slows down the car’s acceleration by reducing the unsprung weight. In other words, lower unsprung weight means faster acceleration and shorter braking distances.

Advanced Engineering for Weight Reduction and Increased Stiffness


Since every car enthusiast wants the lightest wheel possible, Litespeed Racing claims its main focus is on using advanced material and structural engineering to produce more lightweight wheels continuously. This revolutionary approach to wheel manufacturing has resulted in ultra-lightweight products.

However, in the pursuit of weight reduction, the strength and stiffness of the wheels can sometimes be ignored, causing the wheels to be unstable while driving at high speed. Increased stiffness can help prevent wheel flex and improve handling while making the wheels more robust and durable

The Carbon-One is made exclusively from prepreg, aerospace-grade carbon fiber cured under extreme heat and pressure inside an autoclave, making it insanely lightweight and extremely stiff. This type of carbon fiber differs from regular carbon fiber made by coating a raw carbon fiber sheet with a wet resin.

As a result, the carbon fiber rims are lighter, stronger, and more temperature resistant. According to the manufacturer, Carbon-One has the least deflection under the cornering load of all of their wheels.

Intensively Tested by 3rd Party via SAE Protocol to Ensure Quality

Carbon-One carbon fiber wheels are backed by the company’s engineering and testing commitments. Before the wheels are released to the public, they are thoroughly tested, from the load rating requirements to the coatings.

Firstly, every design detail such as material thickness, radius size, and the joint intersection is fine-tuned using finite element analysis (FEA). The designs are then tested using a third-party testing facility’s Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) protocols. They are finally tested on tracks and real-world streets to guarantee that they perform flawlessly in both conditions.

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Designed Not Only for the Track but Also for Street Driving

Litespeed Racing’s wheels have a long racing history. They appeared on Michael Essa’s Formula Drift championship-winning vehicle, in Scott Birdsall’s record-breaking Pikes Peak hill climb run, and the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge GT class winner. Every product from Litespeed Racing is undoubtedly born to compete in the race.

Furthermore, the Carbon-One wheels are designed not only for intense race tracks but also for street use. Apart from the RS5, GT10, VS10, VR5, and VR20 wheels also available for the Porsche 911, Carbon-One is the world’s lightest full carbon fiber wheel for the German supercar.

The Carbon-One from Litespeed Racing is on its way to becoming the record-breaker in ultra-lightweight carbon fiber wheels. Although the weight reduction on each wheel is very subtle, it can make a massive difference on the drive.


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