New-McLaren-720s-feat | New McLaren 720s Fitted With Dark Carbon Fiber Kit by 1016 Industries

New McLaren 720s Fitted With Dark Carbon Fiber Kit by 1016 Industries

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Recently, the presence of carbon fiber has been so ubiquitous that it is not difficult to bump into a car with features made of this material in the streets. However, building a car out of carbon fiber may compromise performance. For the automobile tuner 1016 Industries, fitting a full carbon fiber kit on the McLaren 720s only adds to the car’s appeal. 

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McLaren 720s Insanely Tuned Up With a Full Carbon Fiber Kit

1016 Industries and Revolutionary Carbon Fiber Kits


The 1016 Industry is a team of engineers who focus on designing, modifying, and testing new materials, especially carbon fiber, on the most exotic cars on the market. Calling themselves “carbon fiber nerds,” 1016 Industries has the vision to elevate how sports cars sound, look and perform so that their customers can get their vehicles individualized and stand out in the streets. Of course, for the American tuner, modifying a sports car is more meaningful than just coating it with an eye-catching body kit. Instead, they make the car as highly functional as it looks, with every detail enhancing its performance.

This year’s modification on the McLaren 720s is not the first time 1016 Industries put their touch on the British car. In fact, the McLaren 570s body kit from 1016 Industries has been so successful that they decided to announce their work on the latest McLaren. Each body kit design for the British representative aims at upgrading the aerodynamic properties while leaving the overall figure of the car virtually untouched. Moreover, each design component requires substantial time and effort, resulting in the 720s body kit taking almost two years and a half to complete.


Carbon Fiber Down to the Wheels Saving 420 Pounds 

Carbon fiber is one of the lightest materials used on sports cars to cut down on their mass, resulting in a lighter and slimmer silhouette while allowing cars to travel faster. In the case of 1016 Industries, which have years of experience working with the material, their engineers have utilized cutting-edge computer-aided design (CAD) technology to fit carbon fiber all around the McLaren 720s, from the roof down to the wheels. And the results are just spectacular. The car tuner claims that they have shaved as much as 420 pounds off the 720s, making the car weigh roughly an incredible 2,800 pounds. 

As mentioned earlier, integrating carbon fiber into a sizable unit such as the McLaren 720s may compromise the performance and sometimes even the driving experience inside the cabin. Indeed, reducing too much weight on a moving vehicle may lead to instability at high speed. On the other hand, a body kit constructed entirely in carbon fiber may produce a rattling noise of creaking parts. Surprisingly, people who have already had their hands on the wheel admit that the modified McLaren 720s can retain the highly-controllable stability seen in the factory cars while sounding noise-free after thousands of miles.


Insanely Tuned Engine at the Peak of 986 Horsepower

It is needless to emphasize how mighty the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 on the standard McLaren 720s could be at a staggering 720 horsepower. Nevertheless, the engineers at 1016 Industries were not satisfied with that specification and wished to elevate the performance further. Putting a massive amount of work into the exhaust system and the mechanics of the car, 1016 Industries end up with a menacing maximum output at the peak of 986 horsepower on the wheels. Believe it or not, this figure is sufficient to name the McLaren 720s one of the fastest legally operational cars on the streets.

From busy city traffic to the endless highway miles, driving a nearly 1000-horsepower vehicle will feel thrilling, as if you are on a racetrack, not to mention the lightweight silhouette thanks to the complete carbon fiber construction for sharper acceleration. As a result, with the aerodynamics being optimized, every driver can get the car rolling at over 200 miles per hour with absolute confidence. And, do not worry about the scorching heat that the massive engine may emit. Carbon fiber is highly heat-resistant, and the aerodynamic design allows air to pass through and cool the engine down as much as 8 degrees.

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Enhanced Suspension for Better Drive Quality

A modified version of a car will not be complete without a finishing touch on the suspension system. 1016 Industries has enhanced the suspension system to upgrade McLaren’s renowned driving dynamics despite the significant weight reduction while also fitting a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on the wheels with McLaren logo cutouts. As a result, even with a massive amount of weight trimmed off the body panels, the 720s still retain an impressive balanced suspension that feels solid on rougher roads. This stable suspension allows the car to minimize the bumpy ride for a smoother driving experience.

1016 Industries announced that they only make 30 of these carbon fiber body kits for the McLaren 720s, which aligns with the tradition of the British carmaker: limited units, but each stands out on the road. Will any McLaren owner be enthralled by the novelty of the re-interpretation of an already excellent design?


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