New Carbon Fiber Snowboard Concept: The Whip FR-117

A San Mateo, CA-based company by the name of Cheetah Ultra Sports has been working on a new snowboard concept they call "The Whip". Since the 80's there have been general improvements to snowboards, but nothing really significant. The last major improvement was adding steel edges, which made a huge improvement and helped bring snowboarding to what it is today.

Cheetah Ultra Sports set out to make a huge breakthrough 4 years ago and today claim to have developed a new board that will:

  • Fit better
  • Feel lighter
  • Go faster
  • Cruise smoother
  • Turn quicker
  • Edge harder
  • Carve sharper
  • Jump higher
  • Land softer
  • Do all this without chatter, and without heel or toe drag

Enter The Whip FR-117, Cheetah Ultra Sports next generation of the snowboard, such a drastic difference in how it works, they didn't even want to call it a snowboard. Did we forget to mention that it also uses carbon fiber? The Whip FR-117 board itself is made out of wood, plastic, steel edges, and carbon fiber. The spider back suspension is made completely out of carbon fiber.

Cheetah Ultra Sports The Whip FR-117 snowboard

While the concept behind The Whip is different than a regular snowboard, Cheetah has developed the binding system to work with any standard 4x4 binding.  They do recommend getting a stuff binding with minimal padding though.

Cheetah Ultra Sports The Whip FR-117 snowboard

So how exactly does it work? Unfortunately, I haven't seen any videos of it in action just yet, pre-orders of the board are just being sent out now. The best way to partially understand how the board is more innovative than a standard snowboard is to read this page. It explains each component of the Whip, as well as its benefits. The Whip FR-117 is priced at $1,899 and can be ordered from Cheetah Ultra Sports directly here. Note that because production is slower than they expected, and there has been an overwhelming response, there is at least a two-month waiting time for anybody ordering.

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