New Carbon Fiber Snowboard Concept: The Whip FR-117

New Carbon Fiber Snowboard Concept: The Whip FR-117

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Cheetah Ultra Sports has been developing a new snowboard concept called "The Whip." It has the potential to enhance every aspect of snowboarding—faster, better fit, more stable, and smoother riding. Read more about this new carbon fiber snowboard concept.

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In This Article:

  • Advantages Over Conventional Boards
  • Materials - What Makes a Better Carbon Fiber Snowboard
  • Binding System
  • How Does The Whip FR-117 Work?


    The Carbon Fiber Snowboard That Is Faster, Lighter, and Better


    Snowboarding has grown to be a sport that attracts large audiences from around the world. Ever since its first appearance in major sporting events like the Winter Olympics in 1998 and the Winter Paralympics in 2014, the increasing demand for better gear has brought about significant changes to the new snowboards. One major upgrade is the rollout of carbon fiber snowboards.


    Advantages Over Conventional Boards

    Cheetah Ultra Sports claim to have developed a new board that will:

    • Fit better
    • Weigh less
    • Increase speed
    • Perform smoother cruising
    • Make quicker turns
    • Make stronger moves
    • Carve more precisely
    • Allow higher jumps and softer landings
    • Do all this without chatter, heel or toe drag


    Materials - What Makes a Better Carbon Fiber Snowboard

    Enter The Whip FR-117, Cheetah Ultra Sports next generation of the snowboard. Such a drastic difference in how it works; they didn't even want to call it a snowboard. Did we forget to mention that it also uses carbon fiber? The Whip FR-117 board is made of wood, plastic, steel edges, and carbon fiber. The spider back suspension is made entirely out of carbon fiber.

    In case you want to know more about the spider back suspension (SBS), which is one of the most striking design elements of the new carbon fiber snowboard, it operates as a suspension system to prevent chatter. It allows the weight to transfer to the outside of the board faster. The SBS mounts are slightly angled toward the board's center for a more natural stance and to aid turning by increasing the center of gravity.

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    Binding System

    The binding on a snowboard is the crucial link between the rider and the snowboard. While the concept behind "The Whip" is different from a regular snowboard, Cheetah has developed the binding system to work with any standard 4x4 binding (a binding system with two rows of holes that are 4 cm apart each hole is 4 cm apart). They do recommend getting a stuff binding with minimal padding, though.


    How Does The Whip FR-117 Work?

    So, how does it work? The Whip FR-117 has an opening in the back, which means the board is not filled all the way from the nose to the tail. This makes the board lighter and faster as it takes less filling material to make the board. The opening also makes it easier to lock and carry. 

    As you ride, the carbon fiber spider back suspension absorbs the shocks, ensuring no chatter. You will get a smooth riding experience unlike anything else now available on the slopes. Furthermore, this back suspension system also acts as a spring by storing your energy to let you jump higher and also absorbing the pressure to let you land gracefully.

    The V-shaped bottom of The Whip FR-117 is another element that improves its performance. As a function of this design, the transition from one edge to the other is significantly faster and easier. The extended edge also improves directional stability, so all you have to do to turn is tilt. With The Whip FR-117, you'll be turning in no time.

    The Whip FR-117 has a price tag of $1,899. You can order now directly from Cheetah Ultra Sports.

    So now you know about the new carbon fiber snowboard from Cheetah Ultra Sports. This could be a promising upgrade that might change the entire sport. 


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