SmallRig FreeRover Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit AP-100 Review

SmallRig FreeRover Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit AP-100 Review

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How often have you yearned for a camera tripod that seamlessly blends lightweight agility with unyielding robustness? 

In photography, where every shot is a story waiting to be told, the importance of a reliable and portable camera tripod cannot be understated. 

Behold the SmallRig FreeRover AP-100, a big game-changer in performance, reliability, and portability. What innovative features does the FreeRover AP-100 have? 

Read on to find out.

In This Article:

Is the SmallRig AP-100 the Ultimate Carbon Fiber Tripod for Capturing Excellence?

Design & Build Quality

The SmallRig FreeRover AP-100 is an exemplary carbon fiber camera tripod, combining a lightweight design with exceptional build quality. 

The tripod strikes an ideal balance between weight and strength in high-quality carbon fiber. It is the epitome of portability, weighing 1.38 kg, making it an ideal travel tripod for always-moving photographers. 

The carbon fiber construction contributes to its lightweight nature and ensures robust stability, allowing the tripod to withstand a substantial weight of accessories.

The 4-section legs design is a testament to the tripod’s versatility. With a minimum standing height of 46 cm (18.1 inches) and a maximum standing height of 150 cm (59.1 inches), the FreeRover AP-100 adapts seamlessly to various shooting scenarios.

Whether capturing sweeping landscapes or detailed close-ups, this tripod provides flexibility. 

At the top of the tripod, the innovative tripod head adds to the overall appeal. Its compact design and user-friendly mechanism make it a standout feature for photographers seeking efficiency in their equipment.


Payload Capacity & Stability 

One of the standout features of the SmallRig AP-100 is its impressive payload capacity and stability. The 1.2 mm thick carbon fiber legs play a crucial role, allowing the tripod to support a payload of up to 15 kg. 

This build makes the FreeRover AP-100 a reliable choice for professional photographers who often carry heavy camera setups and accessories.

The twist lock design on the legs enhances the stability of the structure, allowing users to intensify the lock based on the level of physical adjustment. This design ensures that the greater the pressure, the more stable the legs lock, eliminating any chance of shaky legs and resulting in crisp, blur-free photos. 

The Chicken Lips feature further enhances stability by preventing each leg section from accidentally falling off.


Deployment & Operation

The SmallRig FreeRover AP-100 strongly emphasizes the speed of deployment and seamless operation. The FreeSpeed height-adjustment mechanism ensures photographers can set up the tripod quickly, minimizing delays in capturing the perfect shot. 

The 4-section legs with the twist lock design make adjusting the height a breeze, allowing users to lock or unlock the legs with a simple rotation. 

The One-click Central Column Lock adds to the user-friendly design, providing easy adjustment of the central column. 

Additionally, the tripod can be adjusted to lie flat on the ground by removing the central column for those who engage in extreme low-angle shooting. This feature is a favorite among professional photographers seeking creative angles for their shots. 

The Patented Quick Release Mount Plate simplifies switching between different equipment, ensuring integral compatibility with Arca-type quick-release plates. This feature eliminates the need for time-consuming disassembly and assembly of Arca-type plates.


Specs & Special Features

  • Material: Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, ABS
  • Weight: 1.38 kg
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Angle Range: 23°/55°/83°
  • Minimum Standing Height: 46 cm (18.1 inches)
  • Maximum Standing Height: 150 cm (59.1 inches)
  • Payload Capacity: 15 kg
  • Leg Thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Twist Lock Design with Chicken Lips Feature
  • FreeSpeed Height-Adjustment Mechanism
  • One-click Central Column Lock
  • Patented Quick Release Mount Plate
  • Compact and Innovative Tripod Head Design
  • Package: Tripod Kit x1, User Manual x1, Phone Clamp x1, Allen Wrench x1, Storage Bag x1

Price & Availability

The pre-order phase is underway for those eager to get their hands on the SmallRig AP-100. Priced at $239.00 during the pre-order period, this represents an attractive offer for photographers looking to invest in a high-quality carbon fiber camera tripod. 

By pre-ordering now, customers secure their place in line, and SmallRig will promptly ship the item(s) as soon as the pre-order period concludes.

Final Verdict

The SmallRig AP-100 emerges as a stellar choice for photographers seeking a lightweight yet robust carbon fiber camera tripod. Its innovative design and impeccable build quality ensure both versatility and stability. With a generous payload capacity of 15 kg, it caters to the needs of professional photographers, delivering crisp and blur-free shots. 

The user-friendly deployment mechanisms, such as the FreeSpeed height adjustment and One-click Central Column Lock, further enhance its appeal. Priced at $239.00 during the pre-order phase, the FreeRover AP-100 represents a compelling investment for photographers prioritizing performance, reliability, and portability.

If you have questions about the SmallRig AP-100 carbon fiber tripod or any details discussed here, contact us and learn more. 

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