Velimotor VMX 08: A Game-changer in Street-legal Electric Motorcycle - All Carbon Fiber Build

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Introducing the Velimotor VMX 08, the perfect combination of urban versatility and off-road strength in a stylish design. 

This street-legal electric motorcycle can transition between rocky terrain and city streets. It has a striking look that grabs attention everywhere it goes. Besides, it is DOT-APPROVED and lightweight due to the carbon fiber, which is meant for everyone. 

Find out how you can enjoy the thrill of electric mobility like never before with the Velimotor VMX 08 as you traverse any terrain in style


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Power, Lightweight, and Durability: Velimotor VMX 08 - The Carbon Fiber Triumph

Classic Cafe Racer Design

The Velimotor VMX 08 is the definition of Classic Cafe Racer style with a subtle touch of Steampunk. Even though it has a sleek appearance, this motorbike is full of efficiency. 

Its simplistic design is not just visually appealing; it is also a tactical decision that improves its performance on varied surfaces. The absence of unnecessary body panels reduces vulnerability, making it suitable for challenging terrain and crowded city commuting. 

The tall front fender gives it ample space above the front wheels, preventing obstruction from debris. Moreover, the VMX 08 delivers comfort and control during off-road maneuvers. It is complemented by a flat seat similar to a full-sized Enduro motorcycle. 

So, this street-legal electric motorcycle is an excellent choice for those looking for a vehicle that can switch between streets and tracks, thanks to its fusion of form and practicality.


Lightweight Carbon Fiber Elements 

The Velimotor VMX 08 redefines lightweight performance through its seemingly simple yet high-quality design. Crafted with precision, the chassis, swingarm, handlebar, and bodywork are meticulously made from carbon fiber. 

This masterful choice of materials contributes to the VMX 08’s streamlined aesthetic and ensures remarkable durability and performance. 

With a ready-to-go weight of just 105 lbs (48kg), the VMX 08 is firm evidence of engineering prowess. Comparatively, this weight is astonishingly low within the realm of electric off-road motorcycles. Consider the KTM Freeride E-XC, boasting an almost similar max speed of 60 mph yet weighing a substantial 245 lbs (111 kg). 


Suspension,  Wheels, and Brakes 

The Velimotor VMX 08 boasts a sport-oriented suspension and wheel setup for optimal performance and control. The upside-down forks and gas-charged mono-shock combine to provide a balanced ride on diverse terrains. 

With 19-inch spoke wheels fitted with knobby tires at both ends, this street-legal electric motorcycle offers superior grip and versatility. These wheels contribute to a seat height of 830mm, which might be slightly elevated for shorter riders. Despite its robust design, both wheels incorporate single-disc brakes (without CBS or ABS, however). 

On the technological front, the carbon fiber motorcycle stands out with standard features such as all-LED lights, LCD instrumentation, and an alarm system. 


Engine, Performance, and Range

Regarding performance, the Velimotor VMX 08 has some impressive figures. Equipped with a 6kW motor (mid-mounted) and a 2.88kWh battery, the VMX 08 harmonizes power and efficiency. This dynamic duo collaborates to achieve a top speed of 55 mph (88.5 kph) and an impressive maximum range exceeding 50 miles (80 km). 

While it may not be the longest-range electric motorcycle, the VMX 08 becomes more impressive when its mere 105 lbs weight, including the battery, is considered. 

In the presence of alternatives like the Alta Motors Redshift MX, offering a range of only 60 miles (96 km) at a weight of almost 260 lbs (117 kg), the VMX 08 shines brighter.


Price and Availability

Amidst the sea of options in the street-legal electric motorcycle arena, the Velimotor VMX 08 emerges as an affordable gem. Priced at $5,999 after a discount from its original tag of $6,999, it is now very accessible. 

In a market where alternatives often exceed your budget, the VMX 08 is a wallet-friendly solution without compromising quality or performance. 

So, for those seeking an affordable electric motorcycle for around $5,000, the VMX 08 is an excellent contender. This lowered price makes it a good deal and a strategic choice, combining affordability and exciting riding experiences.

Full Specifications


$5,999.00 ($6,999.00)



Seat Height


Ground Clearance




Frame, Swingarm, and Handle Material

Carbon Fiber

Motor Type

DC 72V Permanent Magnet Synchronous

Maximum Power


Maximum Speed

55 mph

Maximum Load

330 lbs

Maximum Range

50+ miles

Battery Capacity

72V 40AH Lithium Battery



Net Weight

105 lbs


F/R Hydraulic Disc Brake

Tire Size

2.75-19 Off-road Tires


LCD Digital



Waterproof Standard

IP54 for Body, IP67 for Electric System

If you have questions about the street-legal electric motorcycle Velimotor VMX 08 or any details discussed here, contact us and learn more. 

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