Z Clip vs. Carbon Fiber Gear Money Clips and Wallets

You may have seen the ZClip wallet advertised somewhere, and while we don't carry the product, we do have some really good alternatives that are worth taking a look at. ZClip has two different carbon fiber money wallets, the Le Mans and the Sebring. They are both basically the same thing, but the clip on the Le Mans is wider, allowing it be RFID blocking, which is done by the carbon fiber. Both include the same six-card insert that the clip wraps around.

The way the ZClip wallet works is also pretty interesting. It's a two-piece design, with the carbon fiber piece being the clip which wraps around the card wallet. You keep your cards in the card wallet and bills outside of it, which are held in place by the clip. It's meant to stay in your front pocket, and, they recommend having at least one bill in place at all times.

LeMans ZClip carbon fiber money clip wallet

As of writing this article, the Le Mans is $149.95 and the Sebring is $89.95.


I mentioned that we offered some good alternatives, some at a much lower price than the ZClip wallet. This article isn't meant to slam the ZClip wallet; it's a good product. The only reason we don't sell it is because they do not sell to online stores. Since we don't have it, we thought we'd show you some other things out there you may like.

Common Fibers FIT

At $69, the FIT is a very similar product functionally, yet much less expensive. The FIT also has a two piece design, but there are some major advantages in comparison to the Z Clip wallet. The FIT has a separate carbon fiber money clip which is removable but can actually be used on its own. The ZClip can remove its carbon fiber piece, but it's pretty useless by itself. With the FIT, you can decide to use just the clip as a money clip, just the card holder, or both together.

Additionally, from a design perspective, the card holder features real carbon fiber on an entire side, which we like better.

Common Fibers FIT carbon fiber money clip wallet

The FIT is not RFID blocking though, so that is certainly a tradeoff to consider.

Carbon Fiber & Leather Money Clip Wallet

Functionally, the carbon fiber & leather money clip wallet also does the same thing, as it is a hybrid money clip and wallet. There are a few key differences worth discussing as compared to the ZClip money clip. It's a one-piece design, so the money clip is built into the wallet. The money clip on this one is magnetic, which gives it some flexibility and ease when taking cash out.

Carbon fiber & leather magnetic money clip wallet

The carbon fiber on this money clip wallet is also unique. On the wallets already mentioned, the carbon fiber is rigid, which may make things a little less comfortable in your pocket...or even start to wear your pants around the wallets edges and corners. For this one, the carbon fiber is processed with a polyurethane, which keeps its high-gloss finish, but allows it to be flexible and soft.

There is no RFID blocking capability for this one either. At under $50, this money clip wallet is a great bargain.

Other Options

While we've highlighted just a few options, be sure to check out our carbon fiber wallets or carbon fiber money clips collections for our full assortment.