New Carbon Fiber Car Frame With AWOS Submersion Sensing Technology Unveiled by HAZE Automotive

New Carbon Fiber Car Frame With AWOS Submersion Sensing Technology Unveiled by HAZE Automotive

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Every year, car accidents that coincide with water submersion take away the lives of hundreds of people. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 300 drivers and passengers in the United States drown in their cars yearly, primarily due to flash floods and sinkholes that catch people off guard. 

Understanding the alarming problem, AWOS Technologies has collaborated with HAZE Automotive to design a car-integrated submersion sensor that can save hundreds of lives from underwater dangers, ensuring that drivers have a secure exit.

How does it work? Why is a carbon fiber car frame used? And what are the features of this add-on? Learn why you need an escape route to give you peace of mind on the road.


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Carbon Fiber Car Frame Sets One Step Closer to Safer Driving

Who Is AWOS and HAZE Automotive?

AWOS is a safety technology company with a watchful eye over accidents that may cause danger to drivers. The founder of AWOS, Michael Percher, had learned about the risks of car submersion for years before he decided to do something about it - he started AWOS in 2011 to create the technologies that protect what matters most: people. 

Meanwhile, HAZE Automotive is a Canadian company that specializes in applying innovative materials, one of which is carbon fiber, in vehicles. HAZE aims to integrate a higher level of science and technology to power automobiles, making the driving experience safer, lighter, and stronger. For HAZE, next-gen materials enable next-gen mobility. 


What is Submersion Sensing Technology?

The AWOS submersion sensing technology is a high-end product created in collaboration between AWOS and HAZE to protect drivers from the risk of underwater obstructions. Since the leading cause of death in car accidents with water submersion is drowning, not trauma, this technology provides drivers with an immediate and automatic exit when car doors and windshields are locked up by water. 

Usually, when a car accident happens, and the vehicle rushes into a lake or river, a high water volume pressure blocks the exit and traps the driver inside. As an instant response, people will find a way out by kicking on or breaking the windshields using a safety hammer. However, this solution can be risky, as the shattered pieces from the windshields may cause injuries, reducing the chance of a successful escape.

An automatic submersion sensor means the driver has instantaneous access to a safe escape route through car windows without struggling or taking the risks of injuries. Not only that, this technology is only activated when the position of the car is secure underwater, such as in the upright position and not upside down, to maximize survival chances.


How Does a Submersion Sensor Work?

The AWOS submersion sensor can be installed in the engine compartment in both used and new cars. Because the engine is where the water reaches first when a submersion happens, the AWOS can react within 3 to 5 seconds after the collision. In addition, this sensor is connected to the car’s electrical system, so it works on all vehicle windows. Therefore, AWOS will continue to lower the remaining windows even if one of them is not functional. 

AWOS has a smart safety system that works similarly to a gyroscope. It waits until the car returns to an upright position and activates the function only when the driver inside is secure. Technically, lowering the windshields is not safe when the car is flipped upside down as it contacts the water. One, the driver is more likely to suffer from trauma. Two, an open vehicle sinks faster when floating upside down than when it’s closed.

Because most of a car’s weight is distributed at the bottom, where the engine is, the vehicle can correct its orientation by itself and rotate to an upright position. Thus, this smart feature prolongs the time when the inside of the car is not taken over by water. Moreover, the system is splash-resistant thanks to its custom-designed casing, allowing the sensor only to work when it’s fully submerged and giving you peace of mind on the road.

When equipping your car with the AWOS submersion sensor, you’re not alone when an accident happens. Instead, it has an emergency calling system that quickly contacts the search-and-rescue team. And the real-time crash data automatically creates an escape strategy for you to exit the vehicle while providing instructions and ensuring that help is on the way. Whatever the situation, AWOS gets you covered.


Why Choose a Carbon Fiber Car Frame?

A carbon fiber car frame is used to maximize the effectiveness of the AWOS submersion sensor. Carbon fiber is one of the most innovative materials on a standard vehicle. This high-strength, minimally deformable, and ultra-lightweight material has long appeared on spacecraft, airplanes, and some exotic, elite racing sports cars.

Now, carbon fiber is brought down to ordinary cars so that everyone, and not only those with the privilege of operating high-end automobiles, is protected from the dangers of driving. In addition, because the AWOS system uses a separate battery and is energy-consuming, more carbon means less weight, allowing for an extension in the battery life.

HAZE Automotive claims that, by integrating the safety features of the AWOS system into a carbon fiber car frame, drivers and passengers are one step closer to having a safer driving experience. This carbon fiber integration is crucial for those who are driving electric vehicles. Since electric cars have a complicated electrical system that drains a lot of energy from the battery, less energy consumption allows for longer-lasting functionality.

Would you install this incredible submersion sensing system on your car? Although the price is yet to be announced, the AWOS safety technology is the ultimate safeguard for every driver on the road and should be worth every penny. 


If you have questions about carbon fiber car frames or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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