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Why Every Cowboy Needs A Carbon Fiber Cowboy Hat

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A carbon fiber cowboy hat combines the best of old-world charm and contemporary style. The result is a soft, sleek, and functional hat with a futuristic edge. 

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In this article:

  1. What Is a Carbon Fiber Cowboy Hat?
  2. Carbon Fiber Cowboy Hat Benefits
  3. Other Types of Carbon Fiber Hats
  4. Where to Get Your Carbon Fiber Cowboy Hat


What Is a Carbon Fiber Cowboy Hat?

Carbon fiber is thin strands of carbon filament twisted together and then weaved into fabric. It's the light-weight, high-strength material used in the aerospace and performance car industry. Some even say it's the material of the future.

A carbon fiber cowboy hat is a Stetson style hat. While carbon fiber is usually rigid, it's processed in a unique and patented way for cowboy hats that allow it to remain flexible yet stay together.

Renowned American hat maker Stetson meticulously handcrafts every hat. The result is a beautiful high-tech hat that makes you stand out from the crowd.


Carbon Fiber Cowboy Hat Benefits

Close up view of carbon fiber structure | Why Every Cowboy Needs A Carbon Fiber Cowboy Hat | Carbon Fiber Cowboy Hat Benefits

 Carbon fiber hats have similar benefits to the fabric. Here are some of the reasons to get a carbon-fiber hat:


Carbon Fiber Hats Are Durable Yet Light-weight

Carbon fiber gets its strength from a hexagonal crystalline structure. This structure also gives it a relatively low weight.


Sun Protection

A cowboy hat makes sun protection sexy. It offers a 360° cover that protects your neck, face, and ears against weather elements such as sun exposure. 


Sleek, High-tech Finish

Thanks to the unique appearance of this advanced material, a carbon fiber cowboy hat will catapult you into the future.

Carbon fiber looks like it was reverse-engineered from an alien landing craft. The fabric has a slightly metallic sheen that reflects light. At the same time, it's almost 3-D. 

Regardless, carbon fiber hats are aesthetically appealing, stylish, and modern.


Unique, Unusual, and Uncommon

These hats are unlike any other, and you won't find many people sporting a carbon fiber cowboy hat. So, if you're looking for a hat that'll turn heads, you can't go wrong with carbon fiber.

It's also perfect to complete any hat fanatics collection and will make a great gift.


Adjustable Shape and Comfortable Fit

The Stetson-style carbon fiber hat has a shaping wire sewn into the edge of the brim for slight adjustments.

What's more, carbon fiber remains flexible and soft for ultimate comfort because of the patented resin formula.

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Other Types of Carbon Fiber Hats

Carbon fiber fedora | Why Every Cowboy Needs A Carbon Fiber Cowboy Hat | Other Types of Carbon Fiber Hats

You'll find a variety of styles and types of carbon fiber hats. Some are practical, while others are more for aesthetic purposes.


Carbon Fiber Hard Hats

Carbon fiber hard hats offer protection from falling projectiles overhead, non-toxic splashes, and bumping into stationary objects without obstructing your view. It's perfect for a variety of occupations such as construction workers, utility workers, and steelworkers. 


Soft Carbon Fiber Hats

A soft carbon fiber hat is more about style than function. But it has many of the same features, such as durability and sun protection. 

Another benefit is a polymer seal. So, it will dry quickly and never have a sweat stain. Besides, the carbon fiber is hand-washable, and the finish enables you to feel the fabric texture.

The baseball style cap is the most popular. However, a carbon fiber fedora is easy to dress up for something more versatile but adaptable enough for casual wear.


Carbon Fiber Cowboy Hat Buying Guide

Not all carbon fiber hats are created equally. Always look for a reputable seller that offers genuine carbon fiber hats. The best cowboy hats are high-crowned with a wide brim to help protect against the elements.

For the best carbon fiber cowboy hat, the iconic Stetson brand is your best bet. 

Before buying your hat online, make sure you buy the right size. To determine your hat size:

  • With a tape measure, completely circling your head 1/8" above your ears and across the mid-forehead.
  • You should measure where the hat will sit.
  • Hold the tape firmly, but not too snug. 
  • Choose the next largest size if your measurement falls between sizes.

Cowboys embody America's frontiersmen spirit, and many of us dreamed of one day conquering the wild west. 

Even though you can't travel back in time, you can dress the part. A carbon fiber shoehorn makes getting your boots on easier. Lastly, bring out your inner cowboy with a Benchmark Wildwind Pocket Knife because cowboys love knives.

You don't have to be a cowboy to rock a carbon fiber cowboy hat. With so many reasons to get a carbon fiber cowboy hat, the more important question is: Why not?

Whatever style you're looking for, we'll help you find the right carbon fiber hat for your needs. Visit our website for more carbon fiber products.

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