Carbon Fiber Ferrari F430 Scuderia Helmet

If the HJC carbon fiber motorcycle helmets just aren't cutting it for when you track your Ferrari F430 Scuderia, then it may be time to consider this option...German helmet maker Schuberth Helme was called upon by Ferrari to create a custom helmet to match their F430 Scuderia. The helmet is only available directly through the Ferrari store with a price tag of around $3,400.

Schuberth Ferrari F430 Scuderia carbon fiber helmet

As you can see the helmet has some pretty neat features, including exposed carbon fiber.  Some of the other notables include the following:

  • Only weighs in at 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs)
  • Removable chin guard
  • Internal pull-down visor with distortion/scratch/fog free visor
  • Vents for better airflow
  • Low noise rating of 92 dB at 62mph
  • Twin stripes going through the helmet to match your Ferrari F430 Scuderia
  • Ferrari prancing horse logo up front in case people didn't realize you were driving one
  • Comes in a red fabric carry black that features a black prancing horse logo

Schuberth Ferrari F430 Scuderia carbon fiber helmet

The helmet is derived from Schuberth J1 helmet, the same helmet that Ferrari's F1 mechanics wear. It's also certified to use for motorcycles everywhere except for the US and Japan. Note, that it's not certified for F1 use.

Schuberth Ferrari F430 Scuderia carbon fiber helmet

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