Feature | Carbon Fiber Phone Cases-Keep Your Phone Stylish and Protected

Carbon Fiber Phone Cases: Keep Your Phone Stylish and Protected

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I know you came for our awesome blog post, but we have to let you in on something. Our main business is a shop that sells a ton of unique and cool lifestyle and personal accessories made with REAL carbon fiber.

If you love carbon fiber as much as we do, go explore!

There are only two real reasons you would choose to put a case on your cell phone; for protection and style. Putting on a carbon fiber phone case will not only avoid the risk of damage, but it will look super stylish.  

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In this article:

  1. Reasons to Invest in a Carbon Fiber Phone Case
  2. CarboFend Cases
  3. CarboKev Cases

There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Carbon Fiber Phone Case

Carbon fiber is an impressive and outstanding composite material. Turn that into a carbon fiber cell phone case, and there’s a perfect marriage of practicality and design.

Reasons to Invest in a Carbon Fiber Phone Case


  • There’s a reason why carbon fiber is popular in the sports, military, aviation, formula 1, and engineering industries. Its high tensile strength is durable and super strong.
  • It has high chemical resistance and protects against high and low temperatures, great for extreme climates.
  • Carbon Fiber Gear, mobile phone cases, protect against scratches and bumps. The raised lip around the lens protects the camera better, and the protective shell with slots around the edge preserves the edges of your phone. 


  • A carbon fiber phone case will frame your phone stylishly. The exquisite molding gives a pristine and modern high tech look that will stand out from the rest.
  • High-performance molding and minimalist design can transform the look of your cell phone. There are different high-end finishes and a variety of styles, for example, a matte finish (with a tacky feel to reduce slippage) or gloss finish.


  • Carbon fiber is ultra-thin and ultra-light. The actual item weight of our carbon fiber phone cases ranges anywhere from 5 grams (0.18 ounces) to 37 grams (1.31 ounces). To get an idea of how light that is, 5 grams is the weight of one nickel, so our phone cases are great for travelers or those who don’t like bulky phone covers.

Complete Access

  • Compatible with wireless charging and complete access to all ports, speakers, and cameras, so you won’t need to remove your carbon fiber phone case for everyday use.

CarboFend Cases

CarboFend Cases with in side out angles | Carbon Fiber Phone Cases-Keep Your Phone Stylish and Protected

Our protective range of CarboFend cases is stylish and compact. Made from TPU material (a bridge between plastics and rubber), they are incredibly durable, flexible, and smooth. The molded shock-absorber grips provide double the protection in case of dropping accidents. The lip around the case also stops the phone from touching any surfaces when set down. 

Some of our CarboFend phone cases come with an inlay of genuine Forged Carbon, the same material found on some Lamborghini cars. It’s made by infusing resin and carbon fibers in a compression mold. Each case is unique because of the marbled pattern design produced during the process. The case is sprayed with a UV-protecting clearcoat for even more protection, finished in a high-gloss polish.

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CarboKev Cases

CarboKev case with inside out angles | Carbon Fiber Phone Cases-Keep Your Phone Stylish and Protected

Our CarboKev cases are made with advanced composite materials, which won’t cause any reception issues. Made from 100% aramid fiber, used in ballistic composites like bulletproof vests, the phone cases have all the same great qualities as our carbon fiber cell phone cases.

The future of this wonder material holds no bounds. Carbon fiber phone cases have unique properties, are remarkably durable, and are a sophisticated luxury item that you shouldn’t be without.

If having the perfect carbon fiber phone case is not enough for you, we offer a 30-day return policy for any unused items (unless otherwise stated). See our full return policy here.

Treat yourself to a new carbon fiber phone case. Visit our website and check out our iPhone cases!