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Introducing The World’s First Carbon Fiber SmartPhone

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Carbon 1 MK II, the world’s first carbon fiber smartphone, has recently made its official debut. Designed and engineered in Germany by Berlin-based startup Carbon Mobile, the device is believed to set new standards for mobile materials, design, and most importantly, sustainability. 

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In this article:

  1. The New Generation of Smartphones
  2. It’s All About The Material
  3. Relentless Efforts To Change The Norms
  4. For A Less-Electronic-Waste World

World’s First Carbon Fiber Smart Phone - A Tech Revolution

The New Generation of Smartphones

The use of hybrid carbon fiber composites brings significant enhancements to the device:

  • 125g in weight - 33% less than the average 182g of standard smartphones. 
  • Only 6.3 mm in thickness which is lowered by 25% compared to the average 8.3mm. 
  • Easy to use and carry around. 
  • Sleek appearance featuring matte black color.

It’s All About The Material

The housing is made from thermoplastic Tepex Dynalite 208 TPU (for base material) and then reinforced with 1K continuous carbon fiber filaments. Super lightweight components, which are constantly under considerable mechanical stress, are usually made up of this hybrid composite. The infamous matte-black color is also the by-product of the material, giving a sleek and futuristic look.

Relentless Efforts To Change The Norms 

From Breaking the Faraday Fence ...

Notwithstanding the well-known lightweight characteristic, carbon fibers have signal blocking properties. In fact, carbon fibers act as an electromagnetic shield, blocking radio signals and fencing a device with a Faraday net that disperses signals around the device’s outer shell instead of allowing them to pass through. As a result, manufacturers have long disregarded carbon fiber as a material for connected devices, especially smartphones. 

After four years of R&D, Carbon Mobile’s team came up with a revolutionary technology (the patent-pending HyRECM® Technology) that resulted in the first “radio-enabled” carbon fiber-based material. 

… To Simulating Formula 1 Cars 

Simulating the chassis of F1 cars, the device bears a monocoque housing that maximizes the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for load-bearing purposes. It enables the device to be super lightweight, thinner, yet durable. Thanks to the monocoque housing, the carbon fiber smartphone requires no internal metal frame that further “lightweights” the device. 

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For A Less-Electronic-Waste World

According to Carbon Mobile, 50m tons of e-waste is produced every year, and four-fifths of that amount never get recycled. 

Built from hi-tech materials, Carbon 1 MK II will pioneer in lightness and slim design and be environmentally friendly thanks to its recyclable properties. All of the components are easily replaceable for repair, which also extends the smartphone’s service life and reduces less e-waste to the environment.

Carbon 1 MK II is the world’s first carbon fiber smartphone and the world’s first “sustainable” connected device, thanks to its advanced composite material and technology breakthroughs. Through relentless efforts, Carbon Mobile aims to explore new niches that businesses often “won’t dare to” and try to bring customers their beautifully crafted products with sustainable future technologies.


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