IO Lightweight Carbon Fiber Rooftop Tent Review - Is This Worth $2,000?

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Are you an enthusiastic camper looking for a rooftop tent that combines innovative aesthetics, user-friendly features, reliable assembly, and top-tier durability? 

Look no further.

Behold the Inspired Overland (IO) Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Rooftop Tent – a game-changer for outdoor innovation. This tent raises the bar for rooftop camping and provides previously unattainable outdoor experiences.


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Into the Wild in Style: IO Lightweight Rooftop Tent Featuring a Cutting-edge Carbon Fiber Hard Shell

Design & Build Quality

The IO carbon fiber rooftop tent boasts a cutting-edge design, taking the form of a clamshell hard shell rooftop tent. Like an alligator’s mouth, this design offers numerous advantages over other hard shell tents, such as pop-up or side-opening variants. 

The clamshell design is characterized by its triangular shape, with a 37° incline on the higher side where your head rests and a lower side for your feet. Thanks to this mechanism, the IO tent excels in rapid deployment, allowing it to open and close in a few seconds.

A notable feature of this clamshell tent is its construction from carbon fiber, a material known for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties. 

The tent’s aluminum frame adds further stability when mounted on the roof of your vehicle, ensuring a secure setup even while in motion. When closed, the tent presents a remarkably compact profile, standing at a mere 4.75 inches (12 cm). 

This enhances aerodynamics, reduces wind resistance, and integrates seamlessly with the vehicle’s roof, creating a harmonious aesthetic. 

Additional features include: 

  • Exterior T-slots for accessory mounting
  • Breathable windows with high-density tulle
  • Adjustable aluminum telescopic ladder

    Space & Comfort

    While the IO carbon fiber rooftop tent sacrifices some convenience due to its compact size, it compensates with innovative features. 

    The tent does not come with a full set of bedding, offering only an air mattress with decent comfort and an anti-condensation mat. However, this limitation is mitigated by including two heating/cooling ducts, providing the option to use a diesel heater for warmth or air conditioning for comfort in various weather conditions.

    The interior space is designed to accommodate two people comfortably, with a sleeping area measuring 84 inches in length and 50 inches in width (213 cm x 127 cm). 

    Although the tent’s sleeping quarters may seem modest, the focus on creating a snug space is balanced by the thoughtful inclusion of heating and cooling options, ensuring a comfortable experience during outdoor adventures.



    Converting the IO rooftop tent into a functional living space is a breeze, thanks to its lightweight design and low profile. 

    At 80 lbs (36 kg), this tent is exceptionally light for a hardshell variant, eliminating the need for a second person during setup. Inspired Overland proudly claims this tent is one of the lightest hardshell options.

    The conversion process is straightforward. 

    Unfolding and preparing the tent requires minimal effort, making it an ideal choice for solo travelers or those who value simplicity in their camping gear. 

    This ease of use contributes to the overall appeal of the IO rooftop tent, especially for those who appreciate efficiency and convenience in their outdoor equipment.


    Assembly & Installation 

    A proper assembly and installation process is essential before enjoying the benefits of the IO carbon fiber rooftop tent. 

    The first prerequisite is a roof rack with a dynamic weight capacity (DWC) matching or exceeding the tent’s weight. The DWC represents the weight the roof rack can bear while the vehicle is in motion, ensuring a secure setup during travel.

    The second step involves bolting these rails through pre-drilled holes outside around the base frame and inside the tent. 

    The third step involves placing the tent over the roof rack and attaching the brackets. Finally, secure the bolts on each side of the crossbar. The distance between the crossbars should be between 32 to 48 inches for optimal support.


    Durability & Protection

    The IO rooftop tent is a robust and reliable companion for wilderness adventures, boasting exceptional durability and protection features. 

    The tent’s hard shell, crafted from carbon fiber, showcases one of the strongest and most durable materials. This robust construction instills confidence, allowing users to navigate challenging terrains without fear of damaging their shelter.

    The tent’s resilience extends beyond physical impacts. 

    As made of 2000D polyester Oxford fabric, the tent offers waterproof capabilities, shielding occupants from rain and preventing water leakage. Also, the fabric provides UV protection, ensuring the tent remains resilient against the sun’s rays. This feature safeguards the structure and its campers from potential damage over time.


    Price & Availability

    The IO carbon fiber rooftop tent is competitively priced at $2,199 with shipping included or $1,999 for local pickup. For those able to pick up directly, convenient locations include: 

    • Hayward, CA
    • Chino, CA
    • Dallas, Texas
    • Baltimore, Maryland

    Although the pre-order special pricing of $1,895 shipped or $1,599 for local pickup has concluded as of Nov 19th, 23, the current pricing still offers excellent value. 

    Estimated delivery date: Spring 2024


    Comparison & Final Verdict





    Shell Material



    IO Carbon Fiber



    80 lbs 

    (36 kg)

    Carbon Fiber


    3 Years

    OVS Bushveld II Polymer 



    150 lbs

    (68 kg)



    4 Years

    Tuff Tuff Alpha ABS



    176 lbs

    (79 kg)



    1 Year

    OVS Bushveld Polymer 4+ Person



    180 lbs

    (81 kg)



    4 Years

    The Inspired Overland carbon fiber rooftop tent delivers a harmonious blend of innovative design, comfort, ease of use, reliable assembly, and unparalleled durability. Its competitive price point further solidifies its appeal, making it an attractive choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a dependable and feature-rich shelter for their adventures.

    If you have questions about the IO carbon fiber rooftop tent or any details discussed here, contact us and learn more. 

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