Adidas and Nike Dominate Carbon Fiber Shin Guards Market

Adidas and Nike Dominate Carbon Fiber Shin Guards Market

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Are you looking for that ultimate piece of protective equipment for your next sports game? 

Stop wasting your time and money on those squeaky, plastic shin guards that offer nothing but annoyance. 

Instead, read on to find out how carbon fiber shin guards are the best protectors in sports and how Adidas and Nike are leading the market in this segment.

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Carbon Fiber Shin Guards: a New Era in Sports Equipment

You want serious protection when you step on a soccer field, whether it’s just a friendly or competitive match. For this reason, professionals and regular sports players have been seeking the best protective garment to perfectly and worry-free nail the game. Among numerous safety gears available, soccer pros love rocking those shin guards on their legs, ready to get into any physical challenge on the pitch. 

However, modern-day shin guards, or shin pads, are made of inefficient, suboptimal materials, such as plastic or rubber, suggesting that there should be a different way to make these pieces of equipment. As clear as day, carbon fiber is the next candidate as the best material for shin protection. This composite material is strong, lightweight, and, most importantly, feels “non-existing” on your legs. 

Therefore, the rollout of carbon fiber shin guards can be considered a new era in sports equipment. No longer must you let those plastic or rubber gears get in the way while trying to show off your technique, even when you know they won’t provide much protection. 

If you’re keen on grabbing a pair, some prevalent carbon fiber shin guards include the Adidas F50 adiZero Carbon and the Nike Mercurial Blade Shinpads.


Why Carbon Fiber Shin Guards Are Better

But, how do these carbon fiber shin guards help soccer players avoid impact from physical challenges and injuries on the field? First, your legs are a vital part of your physique, and you want to do all it takes to keep them safe. Therefore, your protective garment must come from the best material. Carbon fiber, as mentioned above, has all those upsides to be the only component on your shin guards.

Because carbon fiber is so strong and lightweight, safety gears can be paper-thin to avoid causing discomfort to the players. One thing is for sure; you don’t want to play soccer with those bulky, half-an-inch thick pads on your shin before they ruin your performance. Instead, you want to feel as agile as possible. And, carbon fiber shin guards don’t crack, break, or deform in the middle of the match, allowing you to steal the spotlight unworried.

Some people may be concerned about the stiffness of carbon fiber, which may hinder movement because carbon fiber doesn’t bend. Think about this; you place those shin guards onto your legs to protect them, not to let them warp. A pair of shin guards that bend out of shape can’t keep your legs away from physical impact. Therefore, carbon fiber shin guards are typically made with a cushioning liner to provide maximum comfort.  


Are the Carbon Fiber Shin Guards Worth It?

Absolutely. If you tend to follow the trend and only make a purchase if someone you know is already using it, here’s some good news. Many professional soccer players in the English Premier League, La Liga, SerieA, and Bundesliga prefer these carbon fiber shin pads in their games. To name a few, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Santi Cazorla, Marchisio, and many more are styling the Proguards, another well-liked name for carbon fiber shin protectors.

By all means, professional athletes want nothing but the best for themselves. Carbon fiber shin guards exist to get the job done with premium, aerospace-grade material, fantastic durability, and flawless aesthetics. I know sports equipment made of carbon fiber can be expensive, considering the $99.99 price tag of the Proguards. Still, the Adidas F50 adiZero Carbon and the Nike Mercurial Blade Shinpads mentioned above are affordable.

Look at two Nike shin guards: one made of carbon fiber - the Mercurial Blade- and another - the Nike Mercurial Lite - made of synthetic polymer materials like K-resin and EVA. Whereas the regular Mercurial Lite appears “plasticky” and does not provide much actual protection, the Mercurial Blade looks way more solid, giving superior shielding. So, again, it is better to have absolute safety than “gimmicky” stuff.

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Adidas and Nike Shin Guards Continue to Lead the Market

As the top-tier competitors in sports goods, Adidas and Nike shin guards remain at the top of the shin guards market, according to a report by Data Intelo

Under Armour, another giant manufacturer of athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories, follows the “Big Two” in sportswear. Yet, surprisingly, Adidas and Nike shin guards are not only preferred by soccer players but also by professionals of other sports, such as rugby and hockey. 

So, what is the potential outcome of carbon fiber shin guards in a few years? Currently, most professional athletes and regular sports players still prefer the traditional shin guards made of synthetic material, probably because of the reasonable price point. Nonetheless, since sports manufacturing companies are making numerous attempts to lower production costs, Adidas and Nike shin guards are expected to continue to lead the market in the long term.

Look for carbon fiber shin guards next time you visit a sports goods store. These fellas are worth every penny you pay for, and you get the best protection in return. So, gear up, and head to the game like a pro with your best defense.


If you have questions about shin guards or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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