55 Best Car Blogs for Auto Enthusiasts


If you're on the hunt for the best informative car blogs for all the latest updates in the automotive world, then you're in the right place. Here you'll find the top 55 auto blogs online.

Car blogs are abundant on the internet, but not all of them have all the necessary info that an auto enthusiast finds useful. So we've decided to help you and present you with the best among all the high-quality auto blogs.

Whether you're a new car enthusiast or an old-timer with plenty of advice to dispense, these car blogs can give you tips, tricks, techniques, and updates about anything automotive.

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1. Autoblog

Autoblog is one that auto-enthusiasts should not miss. As a top-tier car-related website, Autoblog provides automotive news and car reviews for those wanting to shop for vehicles online.

What is unique about Autoblog is that it provides different opinions about cars, traveling, traffic, etc. For example, check out its recent featured blog, "Motorcycles should be allowed to split lanes," and find what people think about this idea.


2. Motor1

Motor1 offers press releases, images, videos, and stories focusing on current and forthcoming automobiles and the auto industry. In addition, car buyers can find new and used cars with expert reviews and a buying assistant.

As a result, this blog is perfect for those looking to purchase a new car but is uncertain about which car fits their needs. In addition, you can easily compare all selections by learning any car's strengths and weaknesses through Motor1's top list blogs.


3. Jalopnik

When you want to find honest opinions about different aspects of the automotive industry, this is the website to check out. Jalopnik strives to bring forth all the latest updates on cars, racing, and automotive news with a refreshing honesty that you won't find elsewhere.

Just like Motor1, Jalopnik is where you can compare almost any car available on the market. These autos include coupes, SUVs, crossovers, and even the most exotic ones like convertibles to sports cars. So check out what Jalopnik writes about the next auto you buy!


4. Automotive News

Automotive News is for anyone involved in or interested in the auto sector. It updates the viewers on the most recent automobile manufacture and sales through articles, video features, and daily podcasts.

This site is considered among the most comprehensive blogs on the list, as it offers anything related to cars. You name it, from automakers and car sales updates to larger-scale subject matters like supply chain and dealerships. You never get enough of this blog!


5. Car Coach Reports

Car Coach Reports specializes in car care, education, and industry news. The blog's award-winning author, Lauren Fix, has three books on her resume before becoming an automotive expert. Find excellent articles, reviews, and car care tips on her blog.

Want to get information about cars and industry news quicker? Check out the "Breaking News" in brief videos to quickly update - in style! There are tons of videos for you to choose from, and car lovers like you prefer all of them.


6. National Motorists Association


Whether you're interested in becoming an NMA State Activist or want to learn more about motorist rights, the National Motorists Association website is your resource. Formed by a grassroots alliance of motorists active in protecting the freedom and rights of motorists in the courts, the NMA has been empowering drivers for over 30 years.


7. Carscoops

Car-related news, updates, and reviews are all stuff that you could read about on Carscoops. Founded and created by John Halas, the site goes off the beaten path of auto blogs by featuring a variety of topics, such as future and concept cars and offbeat vehicles.


8. Green Car Congress

This blog offers cutting-edge news sources regarding developments in clean technology for the automotive industry. The website also examines legislation, innovation, and impact concerning reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.


9. Just A Car Guy

San Diego local Jesse Bowers is the guy behind this blog, aptly called Just A Car Guy. It's full of quirky auto-fun that tells of his interest in anything related to the car world. Spoiler alert: It has topics like finding hidden Easter eggs on Jeeps and sharing vintage photos and car ads in the 1930s.


 10. Petrolicious

More than just an auto blog, Petrolicious is a lifestyle brand. A leader in the automotive blogosphere, it provides tasteful editorial and well-made short films that put the world's finest classic cars into perspective.


11. Silodrome

With nearly a million readers per month, Silodrome is the real deal. James McBride may have only started the site at the end of 2010, but it has since become one of the leaders in gasoline culture. From classic car reviews to films and automotive-dedicated art pieces, Silodrome is more than just your typical car blog.


12. Car Throttle

Years back, Adnan Ebrahim couldn't find any online communities for young car enthusiasts such as himself. So in 2009, he started Car Throttle, a blog serving millions of users on the world wide web. Known as the 'Buzzfeed for cars,' Car Throttle is your go-to site for engaging content that can satisfy any car-passionate millennial.


13. Motor Authority

Here, you can find the most recent luxury and muscle car news. In addition, bunches of videos, pictures, and photographs provide an up-close look at recent releases and unreleased vehicles.


14. Auto Express

In addition to advice for car owners and buyers, you'll discover the most recent news from the UK and the global automotive sector here. The articles include reviews of new and used cars and details on group testing.


15. MotorTrend

MotorTrend is where you can find any news about vehicles and motorsports. This dedicated blog provides top-notch images and professional movies covering new and vintage cars while educating car owners on the fundamentals of automotive maintenance.


16. The Detroit Bureau

Dubbed as the Voice of the Automotive World, The Detroit Bureau has some of the best and most talented writers and commentators. They produce chock-full content of all the hottest updates in the automotive industry. Covering news and reviews from all around the globe, The Detroit Bureau is rightfully more than just an average auto blog.


17. CarType

There's something for everybody on CarType, whether looking for the latest news or interesting facts and histories about old cars. It's one of the most comprehensive auto-dedicated blogs today with its extensive stock of car reviews, design features, and anything remotely related to the industry.


18. Autoextremist

Autoextremist is a labor of love and a force of influence in the automotive industry. It prides itself on speaking out about what other car-related sites only think of or discuss off the record. An auto blog with a personality, Autoextremist is not your typical reader-coddling blog.


19. AutoSpies

Founded by Donald Buffamanti, Chip Grueter, and Greg Flores in 2001, AutoSpies is the top go-to source for insider information on cars. Here you'll find the latest information and industry "leaks" that you won't find elsewhere on the internet, sure to help you save money on your car.


20. Automoblog

If technological advancements in the car industry are what you're looking for, then look no further than Automoblog. Founded by Chris Burdick in 2006, you can get word of the newest trends, emerging technology, and latest vehicle reviews.


21. Bang Shift

Publishing the latest in features, technology, and news in the automotive industry, Bang Shift is the site to visit for gearheads who need their daily fix of hot rods. Started by 4-wheel vehicle fanatics Brian Lohnes and Chad Reynolds, this comprehensive site boasts the most auto-related content on the web.


22. Hooniverse

This blog's name comes from the word "hoon," which refers to a person who loves driving. Hooniverse focuses on honest-to-goodness gear head babble without the sense of "my car is faster" many car enthusiasts are affected. Instead, this blog gives its readers that sense of familiarity that comes from focusing on what's in the average driver's garage.


23. Autocar

Autocar is a comprehensive news source for anything about the auto sector. Additionally, sellers and buyers can access honest auto reviews, videos, and opinion pieces from various knowledgeable writers.


24. Good Car Bad Car

Founded by Timothy Cain, Good Car Bad Car initially set out to aggrandize and promote the "good car" while dethroning the "bad car." The site also publishes automotive sales figures and brand rankings sourced from car manufacturers. In addition, it presents detailed data and charts on the latest vehicles to hit the auto market.


25. CorvetteBlogger

If you're a massive fan of Corvettes, you've probably visited this blog at least a few times. Corvette Blogger covers the Chevrolet Corvette in all its generations and includes updates on Corvette auctions, racing, and prices.


26. YourMechanic

On a mission to build the most convenient car repair resource, YourMechanic houses thousands of articles on car repair and maintenance. In addition, it answers burning questions car owners have for mechanics - for free!


27. Oilpressure

George Phillips and his passion for the IndyCar Series led to the eventual creation of this blog, which features write-ups that cover - that's right - IndyCar topics. Starting in 2009, Oilpressure offers commentary on news and histories of Indy Car racing.


28. QuattroWorld

Audi lovers would most probably have visited this blog at least once before. Joshua Decker, an Audi enthusiast, founded QuattroWorld in March of 2009. Joshua's blog is the place to go for all the latest news, events, and media coverage surrounding the famed Audi vehicles.


29. Openbay Overdrive

Openbay is an online marketplace that allows consumers to find, book, and pay for local auto repair. Their blog, Openbay Overdrive, features a combination of articles on auto safety, repair, and maintenance from both staff and guest mechanics.


30. MyRideIsMe.com

A personalized website that aims to gather people with similar interests and passion for hot rods, MyRideIsMe.com is a blog for those who love to talk about their respective rides. Started by Craig Pike, the site also features events, racing, and a how-to and tech section for avid car DIY-ers.


31. The Weekly Driver

Sports, travel, and business journalist James Raia has been in the industry for over 35 years. On The Weekly Driver, he and guest contributors write industry news and weekly reviews about new cars, as well as a slew of other auto-related content.


32. EricTheCarGuy

If you're looking for how-to auto repair videos, EricTheCarGuy is the place to be. Eric has solid experience in the automotive industry, and his blog covers a ton of information to help people diagnose and DIY fix car problems.


33. Automotive Addicts

In 2004, Malcolm Holgan started Automotive Addicts. Not all auto enthusiasts are the same, and this website understands that. Whatever car enthusiast you are, there's something for you on this blog, whether it's about your favorite luxury car or just communicating with others.


34. The Smoking Tire

The guys behind The Smoking Tire are totally into driving, and it shows with the type of content that they put out on the blog. Founded by Matt Farah and Tom Morningstar in 2009, this blog features car news, honest reviews on vintage vehicles, and the latest hot rods to hit the automotive industry.


35. The Truth About Cars

As the blog's names suggest, you may find any news related to the auto sector, emphasizing automobile and product reviews through the most unbiased lens possible. Articles offer objective and reliable information for buyers, sellers, and auto enthusiasts.


36. Hydrogen Cars Now

There aren't a lot of sources on hydrogen cars online, and Kevin Kantola knows it. Hence, he created his blog, Hydrogen Cars Now, to provide a one-stop site for anything related to hydrogen cars and the upcoming hydrogen economy.


37. Nori Yaro

Alexi is the voice behind Nori Yaro, which he started after moving to Japan from Australia in 2008 to go drifting. His blog recounts his drifting experiences and offers the latest news and updates on Japanese cars.

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38. AutoTribute

Kwame Owusu is this blog's founder and works as the editor-in-chief. AutoTribute is the site for the latest car news, auto shows, reviews, and videos. The blog also pays tribute to good cars from all over the world and from different timelines of car history.


39. Top Speed

The most recent information on the fastest cars, including luxury models, muscle cars, racing cars, and even budget options, can be found in Top Speed. High-quality images and videos are also included, along with frequent updates.


40. MPG-o-Matic

Founded by best-selling tech author Daniel Gray, MPG-o-Matic devotes its online space to discussing fun-to-drive and fuel-efficient vehicles. In addition, site visitors can check out the Gas Mileage calculator, which can help determine if you need to switch to a cheaper car with better gas mileage.


41. MotorWard

You'll find daily news and the latest reviews on the newest vehicle to hit the automotive scene. Launched in 2008, MotorWard has since been providing readers with DIY projects, insightful interviews with automotive personalities, and content that's easy to understand and carry out.


42. Auto Chunk

A highly comprehensive blog that reports on a variety of categories in the automotive industry, Auto Chunk has something for everybody. So whether you're online to check on the latest technological advances designed to make our lives easier or look through the reviews of the newest cars, Auto Chunk has you covered.


43. Car Expert

This blog is another resource for information on the automotive sector. With a strong emphasis on objective and customer-focused automobile reviews, news, and comparisons, CarExpert offers honesty and educational information.


44. Stance is Everything

Dave Thomas is the owner of Stance is Everything, a blog that has been around since 2009. It's the online space where Dave shares his genuine love and enthusiasm for all that is automotive. That includes posting individual weekly themed posts and in-depth analyses of vehicle features.


45. Auto Upkeep Blog

If it's fundamental knowledge on cars and driving that you need, you'll find it on Auto Upkeep Blog. Published by Mike and Linda Gray, this site also provides a foundation of knowledge on car care, repair, and maintenance for individuals who plan to pursue a career in Automotive Technology.


46. Best Selling Cars Blog

If car sales statistics interest you, then this blog has you covered. Best Selling Cars Blogs features data from around 200 auto markets worldwide. You can also find historical data on certain vehicles and needs as far back as 1939.


47. Humble Mechanic

The man behind the Humble Mechanic blog is a master certified Volkswagen mechanic who started the page to better connect with his customers. The website provides content that both VW and non-VW vehicle owners can use.


48. The SuperCar Blog

Supercars give their drivers a fantastic driving sensation, as discussed several times on The SuperCar Blog. This space is for all who are passionate about cars and dream of driving a vehicle considered a legend or an engineering marvel in the car industry.


49. Nick’s Car Blog

Nick Roshon is obsessed with cars and likes Lamborghinis, Audis, and classic vehicles. He documented his experience on Nick's Car Blog to keep track of his changes to his own Audi A4 and share the tips he's amassed over the years.


50. Motoring Exposure

Cars and riding in the cosmopolitan culture, you say? Look no further than Motoring Exposure. Founded by Mike Delacruz, this blog is an all-inclusive guide that showcases stunning automotive pieces and accessories that can put even James Bond's look to shame.


51. Elite Auto Repair

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Elite Auto Repair has been operating since 2001. It is a family-owned local business headed by the company president David Schultz. Their website emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance and repair and shares tips and tricks to get your vehicle to stay in tip-top shape.


52. Conceptcarz.com

Although the website has existed since 1998, the name "Conceptcarz" came in a few years later. Conceptcarz is a premier website for those looking for information on vehicles ranging from vintage to modern and from concept to production. This blog also has one of the most extensive stocks of automotive photography.


53. Auto Trends Magazine

Launched by Matt Keegan in April of 2008, Auto Trends Magazine is a resource for those looking to learn about new cars or stay in the know on automotive trends. You'll find an honest assessment and impartial albeit helpful information about the car industry.


54. The Mechanic Doctor

Started by auto mechanic school buddies Jee and Louis, The Mechanic Doctor provides both professional and amateur auto mechanics with free resources that they can use. From video tutorials to comprehensive infographics, there's help when you need it on The Mechanic Doctor.


55. Autobahn Collision Center

Autobahn Collision Center by Johnny and Tony Ananyan has served for over 20 years. This blog not only features their repair shop of the same name but also gives readers great insights on the value of scheduling a car repair with a reputed repair shop.

If you think your website should be added to this list, let us know by submitting your blog for review.


If you have questions about automobile blogs or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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