2023 Dodge Challenger Carbon Fiber Wheels Supplied by Lacks Enterprises

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Lacks Enterprises, Inc. is a pioneering company at the forefront of revolutionizing the automotive industry with its exceptional lightweight car wheels. 

Recognizing that the weight of car wheels plays a crucial role in optimizing driving dynamics, Lacks shifted its focus to utilizing innovative materials and has elevated the performance of vehicles to extraordinary heights never seen before.

By harnessing the power of carbon fiber, Lacks has developed wheels that are much lighter and stronger than any alternatives. Also, their exceptional craftsmanship ensures that every wheel they make meets the highest quality standards.

Most recently, Lacks Enterprises has collaborated with American muscle car company Dodge to re-initiate the production of the iconic Challenger by making carbon fiber wheels for the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170.


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Dodge Challenger Wheels Made From Carbon Fiber Can Give You a Rush of Adrenaline

Challenger SRT Demon 170: The Sprint Machine  

The Dodge Challenger Demon, introduced in 2017 as a limited wide-body drag race variant of the awe-inspiring Challenger Hellcat, is an automotive powerhouse that commands attention like no other. 

This fantastic car has an all-new 6.2L V8 engine that unleashes a mind-boggling 840 horsepower, propelling it to unprecedented performance. 

However, Dodge didn’t stop there. The latest iteration of the Demon, released in 2023, has pushed the boundaries even further, boasting an astonishing 1025 horsepower, making it a force to be reckoned with on the drag strip.

The 2023 SRT Demon can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a jaw-dropping 1.66 seconds. In a drag race, it finishes a quarter mile in a record 8.9 seconds at a shocking 151 mph, leaving competitors in the dust. Such blistering speed catapults it to the forefront of automotive engineering and solidifies its status as the ultimate muscle car.

No wonder, within a matter of weeks after its launch, the Demon earned the title of the most powerful muscle car ever built with the term “sprint machine” in the world of drag racing. The 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is a testament to the relentless pursuit of speed and the boundless passion for automotive excellence.


Weight Reduction for Outstanding Performance

In the automotive realm, every pound matters, and the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon understands it. This extraordinary machine takes the pursuit of speed and agility to unprecedented levels by strategically reducing weight in its unsprung mass. 

Lacks Enterprises’ introducing carbon fiber wheels is a game-changer, cutting 157 lbs from the car’s four corners. With a weight reduction of 25% compared to traditional wheels, the impact on performance is nothing short of astonishing.

The advantages of shedding this significant weight appear immediately in the SRT Demon’s performance. Quicker acceleration becomes a reality as the reduced unsprung mass allows the engine’s power to be more efficiently transferred to the road. 

This unparalleled force propels the car forward, giving drivers a sensation of exhilaration. The benefits also extend to the braking system, as the lighter wheels enhance stopping power, enabling the SRT Demon to halt confidently and precisely.


Minimized Rotational Force for Better Maneuverability

In addition to their remarkable weight reduction, carbon fiber wheels by Lacks offer another crucial advantage – reduced unwanted gyroscopic rotational forces. 

This feature elevates the driving experience of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to another level of responsiveness. When cornering at high speeds, the stability provided by these wheels instills confidence in the driver, allowing for precise and agile maneuvers. 

By minimizing the wheel’s gyroscopic effect due to carbon fiber construction, the SRT Demon delivers more agile and predictable handling, enabling drivers to push the limits with greater assurance and extract the full potential of this exceptional machine.


Anti-discoloration and Noise Canceling 

Lacks Enterprises’ patented UV-protecting resin formula ensures that the wheels of the SRT Demon remain vibrant and free from discoloration over time. 

While discoloration may not impact performance, it’s a prevalent issue with carbon fiber parts, often requiring extensive rectification. Lacks’ innovative solution not only preserves the aesthetics of the wheels but also saves owners from the hassle of restoration. 

Furthermore, these carbon fiber wheels dampen noise and vibration from the road, enhancing the driving experience. This indirect benefit contributes to increased comfort and control for the driver, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride.


Final Verdict


Lacks Enterprises’ commitment to aesthetic longevity and driving comfort has genuinely elevated the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170’s performance. 

By leveraging the advantages of carbon fiber, Dodge has unleashed the full potential of the SRT Demon. The meticulous focus on weight reduction has resulted in a vehicle that defies expectations and redefines performance benchmarks.

Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled experience that will leave you breathless and redefine your perception of what a muscle car can achieve.


If you have questions about the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 or any details discussed here, contact us and learn more. 

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